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Introduction of Andalusite

Andalusite is a kind of aluminum silicate minerals, it is a manufacturer of spark plugs in the refractory materials and porcelain. Andalusite is a variant called chiastolite. In chiastolite section will present a black cross structure. The cross structure is received in the form of some andalusite caused by carbon and clay. This chiastolite were often made people wear small decorations. Andalusite typically show columnar crystal, its cross section is almost square. Andalusite crystals together into radial or granular. For a radial andalusite, people often called “chrysanthemum stone”, meaning they like chrysanthemum petals open. Andalusite is pink, red, brown, gray and light green, with glass luster. Some are of good quality and transparent andalusite crystals was as a gem.

Physical Characteristics Of Andalusite

Crystal morphology: rhombic double cone classes; Crystal column, main simplex: inclined square column m, n, planar double c. Crystal structure, crystal system and space group: orthogonal crystal system, D122h – Pnnm. Crystal cell parameters: a0 = 7.78 & Aring, b0 = 7.92 & Aring, c0 = 5.57 & Aring, z = 4. Powder data: (1) 2.77 5.54 (0.9), 0.9 (0.9). Hardness: 6.5 to 7.5. Weight: 3.13 to 3.16 g/cm3. Cleavage: incomplete, cleaves completely. Fracture: produced by cross good cleavage or parting slender fracture. Color: often are pale or red meat, in blue, green, purple is rare. Streaks: white. Transparency: transparent. Sheen: glass luster. Luminance: no. Other: crisp.

Process Characteristics of Andalusite

Industrial use of andalusite, mainly take the characteristics of high temperature resistance. Under ordinary conditions of andalusite after heated to 1350 ℃, start into parallel to the original crystal acicular mullite. Mullite crystal is the only stable aluminum silicate under high temperature, in the form of its theoretical conversion rate of 87.64%. Andalusite in heating into the process of mullite, can form a good network of mullite volume expansion of about 4%. This is a kind of irreversible crystal transformation, once the transformation, has higher fireproof performance, can reach more than 1800 ℃, refractoriness and quench heat resistance, mechanical strength, thermal shock is strong, strong slag resistance, high load conversion point and high chemical stability (even not soluble in hydrofluoric acid) and strong resistance to chemical corrosion.

Main Purpose Of Andalusite

In view of andalusite with physical and chemical properties, is one of the known high quality refractory materials. It except for smelting industry senior refractories, technical ceramics industrial raw materials, can also be silicon smelting high strength lightweight aluminum alloy, metal fiber and supersonic aircraft and spacecraft oriented. It is reported that foreign is the use of rich aluminum andalusite for coal gasification and making radome. Part of crystallization of good, bright color can also be making crafts and decorations. Continues to expand its application field.

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