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Summary of Biotite

Biotite is one of the mica mineral, silicate minerals. Biotite output in metamorphic rock, mainly in granite, there are also other rocks. Biotite color from black to brown, red or green, with glass luster. Shape for slab, column. Biotite has been widely used in really stone paint and other decorative coatings. Biotite crystal is mainly for short columnar, or plate, a transverse to hexagon, aggregation are scaly. Brown Ti color or black, the color darker with increased iron content. Other optical properties and mechanical properties similar to those of Muscovite, relative density 2.7 ~ 3.3.

Morphological Characteristics of Biotite

Black and phlogopite mica crystal form similar with. Color is black, dark brown, sometimes with pale red, light green or other colors. A pale red brown, containing titanium high iron law green is rich in a high price. Transparent and opaque. Vitreous luster, is half black metallic luster. 2-3 hardness, specific gravity 3.02 3.12. Biotite heated water solution can cut into the action of chlorite, Muscovite and sericite, and other minerals. Biotite because of the high iron, insulation performance is poor, is much less than the Muscovite. Biotite fritter commonly used as a building material filler. Particle size larger biotite, extremely easy to flake form, according to its deep color and elasticity, has the complete cleavage mica, and after heating, can be slightly magnetic characteristics to differentiate in deep rock and shallow diagenetic, especially the acidic or alkaline rocks, mostly contains Biotite.

Purpose Of the Biotite

Biotite is widely used in building material industry, fire fighting, fire extinguishing agent, welding electrode, plastic, electrical insulating paper, paper making, asphalt, rubber, pearl pigment chemical industry, etc. Ultrafine mica powder for plastic, paint, paint, rubber, such as the functional filler, can improve the mechanical strength, strengthened toughness, anti-aging adhesion and corrosion resistance, etc. In addition to the high electrical insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, flexibility, toughness and sliding resistance, heat insulation, small thermal expansion coefficient, and take the lead in put out of block 2 surface is smooth, thick than large diameter, shape rules, strong adhesion, etc.

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