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Introduction of Bornite

Bornite is copper and iron sulfide minerals (Cu5FeS4), copper content of 63.3%, Bornite is one of the main mineral raw materials of copper refining. For the cubic system, its high temperature variation for the cubic system, said shaft Bornite, etc. Surface oxidation is blue purple porphyritic tarnish easily, thus its name. Fresh section show dark copper red, metallic luster, mohs hardness is 3, the proportion of 4.9 ~ 5.0. Often is dense or scattered lump in the various types of copper deposits, and often symbiosis with chalcopyrite. Also secondary enrichment zone formed in the copper deposit, but is not stable, brightness of copper and copper blue replacement by time. On the surface weathering as malachite and azurite. China yunnan dongchuan copper deposit in a large number of Bornite. Representative origin is Montana in the United States that state of the world than Mr, Mexico within Canada and Chile o QiuJi card mata, etc.

Physical Characteristics of Bornite

Bornite render square crystal, hardness: 3, proportion: 4.9 to 5.3 g/cm3, cleavage: incomplete, cleavage fracture: conchoidal fracture, color: fresh like dark red copper, without fresh noodles are often blue purple porphyritic covered tarnish, streaks: a film, transparency: opaque, gloss, metallic luster, luminance: no, the other: crisp, electrical conductivity.

Range of Bornite Distribution

Bornite native copper deposit in the oxidation zone, often with natural copper, malachite and azurite chrysocolla, limonite symbiosis. France, Chile, Bolivia, south Australia, the United States has the world’s leading mining area. Dongchuan in yunnan copper and jiangxi copper mining area, gansu, etc have output. China is one of Bornite more countries in the world. The total storage of 62.43 million tons of copper, seventh in the world. Proven reserves zhongfu copper accounted for 35%. Copper deposits are widely distributed, in addition to tianjin, Hong Kong, including Shanghai, chongqing, Taiwan, all provinces (cities, districts) is produced. Proven reserves of 910 mining area. Jiang Xitong reserves ranking the top in the country, accounting for 20.8%, times of Tibet, accounted for 15%; Again in yunnan, gansu, anhui, Inner Mongolia, shanxi, hubei province, the provincial copper reserves are in more than 3 million tons.

Occurrence Combination of Bornite

Bornite in rock and related ore deposits such as Cu, Ni, the symbiosis with chalcopyrite, ilmenite, etc. From hydrothermal type deposit of Bornite, often contains microscopic flake chalcopyrite inclusions, and chalcopyrite and pyrite, galena, tetrahedrite, sulfur, arsenic copper, chalcocite, symbiotic; Sometimes and molybdenite, nature gold symbiosis etc. Also found in some skarn deposit, with the rest of the copper sulfide symbiosis. In the oxidation zone into a malachite and azurite, red copper ore, limonite and so on. Dark red copper and tarnish, hardness is low. Soluble in nitric acid, the flame reaction of copper.

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