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Introduction of Cordierite

Cordierite is a kind of silicate minerals, it can be a colorless, but usually has a light blue or shallow purple, glass luster. Cordierite also has a characteristic, they are different colors of light in different directions, this is called pleochroism. Product optimal cordierite was as a gem of beauty of color, in addition to this, cordierite no industrial use. Cordierite from schist and gneiss and the alteration of igneous rock. People also call cordierite is two color stone. Magnesium can artificial synthetic cordierite, used for refractory material. Cordierite rough stone commonly 4 to 5 carats, more it is also found. Cordierite usually cut into the shape of a traditional, one of the most popular color is purple.

Physical Characteristics Of Cordierite

Color: gem grade variety color to blue and violet, cordierite can also be a colorless, yellow and white, green, brown and gray, etc. Gloss and transparency: glass luster, transparent to translucent. Optical: biaxial crystal, the negative light. Refractive index and birefringence: RI: 1.54-1.55, DR: 0.01 +/- 0.002 and its components in the proportion of Mg and Fe, when rich Mg, refractive index on the low side, while iron rich when the refractive index is on the high side. Pleochroism: strong, three color is purple, yellow, blue. Visible to the naked eye, if observed from different directions, you can see different colors. Luminance: no. Absorption spectrum: performance for iron absorption spectrum. Cleavage: cordierite can be three sets of cleavage, which is suitable for medium cleavage, {010} {100} and {001} as the incomplete cleavage, fracture for the jagged shape. Spike: negative or positive low ridges. Scratch: mohs hardness from 7 to 7.5. Relative density: 2.60, with the content of Fe and increases gradually. Crystal system: orthorhombic system. Crystal: short column. Collection types: granular and lump.

Name Origin of Cordierite

Cordierite English name for Cordierite, but in order to commemorate the French geologists p. l. a. Coedier and naming, and A gem grade of Cordierite name for Iolite or Dichroite. Iolite are comes from Greek, for the meaning of “violet”, symbol color characteristics of gem grade cordierite. Cordierite has obvious pleochroism, viewed from different angles with the naked eye, can be found that the color of it has apparent change. Chemical composition is rich in iron, magnesium, aluminum silicate, composition of magnesium can be substitution by the iron and manganese, and part of the aluminum can be replaced by the iron. Crystal is in short columnar, occasionally in crystal containing sillimanite, spinel, zircon, apatite, mica inclusions, etc. Color is light blue, dark blue or grey blue commonly, part is colorless, white, gray, yellow, shallow violet or light brown, and after weathering, slightly green. If the weathering degree increases can be turned into talc, chlorite and cordierite.

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