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What is Feldspar?

The family of feldspar minerals in the earth’s crust’s most widely distributed, accounts for about 50% of the total weight of the earth’s crust. They are a kind of common rock forming minerals, of which 60% occurrence in magma, 30% distribution in metamorphic rock, 10% exists in sedimentary rock mainly clastic rock, but only in quite the enrichment of feldspar may become industrial minerals. Potassium feldspar there are four main components: barium calcium feldspar, sodium feldspar, feldspar, feldspar, a kind of containing silicon oxide, also contain aluminum inside!

Physical Properties of Feldspar

Hardness of feldspar fluctuations in 6-6.5, the proportion of fluctuations in 2-2.5, brittle, have higher compressive strength, strong chemical stability of acid. Potassium feldspar color for red meat, and a grey, white and brown. Sodium feldspar and light yellow, white, ash calcium feldspar is white or light grey. Feldspar is a kind of aluminum silicate minerals containing calcium, sodium, potassium, it has a lot of kinds, such as barium calcium feldspar, sodium feldspar, feldspar, feldspar, barium ice microcline, orthoclase, feldspar, etc. They are a vitreous luster, color variety, a colorless, white, yellow, pink, green, gray, black and so on. Some transparent, translucent. Feldspar itself should be colorless transparent, is colored or not fully transparent, because contain other impurities. Some into squares, and some into tabular, some pillars, or needle and so on. Generally exist in the volcanic rock and metamorphic rock of feldspar are small, only 0.1 ~ 10 mm, up to 5 ~ 10 cm in porphyry, and some can be up to tens of meters in the pegmatite. Feldspar ceramics and glass industry raw materials. Some feldspar has beautiful color or demitint, material can be used as a gem.

Basic Structure of Feldspar

Feldspar, the basic structure of the unit is the tetrahedron, it consists of four oxygen atoms around a silicon or aluminum atoms and composition. Each such tetrahedron and another tetrahedron Shared one atom of oxygen, forming a three-dimensional frame. Large radius of the alkali or alkaline earth metal cations in large space within the frame, the coordination number of 8 (in monoclinic system feldspar) or 9 (in triclinic crystal system in feldspar). Feldspar crystal most tabular or extending along a crystallographic axis of the plate column. Twin phenomenon is widespread, with as many as 20 twin law. Common law of albite, manny, WenNuo of law, cass, shaw albite law of twinning. They exist separately in the triclinic crystal or in monoclinic and triclinic crystal. Common milky feldspar, but often due to containing impurities be dyed yellow, brown, pale red, dark gray color, some still can have a beautiful color or demitint. Have two sets of complete cleavage, its Angle of 90° (monoclinic system) or close to 90°, 87°) (triclinic crystal system). Proportion between 2.56 ~ 2.76, with the content of the An in the composition of higher and higher, decrease with increasing the Or. Mohs hardness of 6 ~ 6.5. Rich in potassium, or sodium feldspar is mainly used in ceramic industry, glass industry and enamel industry; Rubidium and cesium, rare element of feldspar these elements can be extracted as mineral raw material; Colour and lustre beautiful feldspar and semiprecious stone can be used as decorative stone.

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