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Gold Ore Grade

Gold Ore Grade

First, the best gold ore formation – pure gold

Meteors fall of the large, rich in gold, formation of the formation is the finest gold, due to the intense friction when the meteor across the earth’s atmosphere and intense combustion, has led many impurities consumed in the process, because the elemental, gold is stable at high temperatures is also difficult to react with other substances, namely folk call “true gold fears not the fire”, because through the atmosphere when the temperature is very high, higher than gold melting point 1063 ℃, so after landing into a liquid state. This dog’s gold gold content is close to 100%, is rare in the world, or for private possession, or for the treasure.

Second, the high grade gold ore – golden shower head of gold

Four hundred million years ago, in the former Cambrian proterozoic (main) PR GuYuan ancient world made mountains (generation) (ji). Large meteor across the atmosphere rich in gold, due to high temperature, heat unevenly, meteors have different internal composition, melting point and gasification point is different, so produce explosion, explosion of tiny particles continue to burn, like the hail, on a region on earth. Because of gasification of impurity take away heat and tiny particles are easy to heat dissipation, so the formation of golden shower head gold retains more gold natural crystal, cubic system, set in the lattice, or becomes semiliquid state. Gold also each are not identical, because is the natural acura, hidden in the folk or museums, so also no reports of smelting.

Three, ordinary gold ore – gold ore deposit

Total reserves of about 4.8 billion tons of gold, the earth, and the distribution within the core of about 4.7 billion tons, 86 million tons of the mantle, and distributed to the earth’s crust is less than 100 million tons. More than 99% of the gold into the core on the earth. The distribution of the gold is formed in the long-term evolution of the earth. Of the earth’s crust development formed in the early stages of the gold abundance is higher, therefore, generally can represent the early archean greenstone belt of remnants of the earth’s crust, especially the mafic and super mafic volcanic rock combination, value is higher than the earth’s crust au abundance have been all kinds of rocks, might become a gold deposits of the earliest “sources”. To sum up, the gold in the earth’s crust abundance value is very low, but also has copper, sulphur, kiss kiss TieXing, high melting point, etc, to form the industrial ore deposit, the enrichment of gold to thousands of times, to form the big mining, rich ore and enrichment of gold are thousands, tens of thousands of times, or even higher, its huge gold mine is generally go through a long geological period, through a variety of sources, multiple metallogenesis overlay can be formed.

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