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Iron Ore

Iron Ore

Definition of Iron Ore

Who have to economic use of iron ore is called iron ore. Many different kinds of iron ore, used in ironmaking mainly magnetite (Fe3O4), hematite, Fe2O3 and siderite (FeCO3), etc. Iron ore after hydrochloric acid to dissolve the sample, the iron into Fe3 +. Under the condition of strong acid, can be accessed by Fe3 + SnCl2 reduction of Fe2 +. Sn2 + will be after the completion of Fe3 + reduction, methyl orange can be Sn2 + faded back into hydrogenated methyl orange, and methyl orange can indicate Fe3 + reduction destination. Sn2 + also can continue to make hydrogenation of methyl orange reduction of N, N – dimethyl para-phenylene diamine and sodium aminobenzene sulfonic acid.

Kinds of Iron Ore

  • Magnetite. Magnetite is a kind of iron ore, the main ingredients of Fe3O4, Fe2O3 and FeO compounds, a dark gray, the proportion of about 5.15 or so, contain Fe72.4 %, 27.6% oxygen, magnetism. When in the mineral processing available magnetic separation method, processing is very convenient; But because of its fine structure, so the poor by reducing. After a long after weathering into hematite.
  • Hematite. Hematite is also a kind of iron ore, the main ingredients of Fe2O3, dark yellow, specific gravity is about 5.26, containing Fe70 %, O 30%, is the main iron ore. By itself the state of the structure can be divided into many different categories, such as Red hematite, SPEcularhematite, Micaceous hematite, Red Ocher, etc.
  • Limonite. Limonite ore containing iron hydroxide. It is two different structure of ore Goethite and LepidoCRocite collectively, also some people write mFe2O3. It is the chemical formula which best characterizes the main ingredients nH2O, yellow or brown, containing about 62% Fe, O 27%, 11% H2O, specific gravity of about 3.6 ~ 4.0, mostly exists in other iron ore.
  • Siderite. Siderite ore containing ferrous carbonate, the main ingredients for FeCO3, pewter, proportion of around 3.8. This kind of ore mostly contains considerable amount of calcium salt and magnesium salt. Because of carbonate ions in the high temperature of about 800 ~ 800 ℃ will absorb a lot of heat and gives off carbon dioxide, so most of us look again after this kind of ore roasting them join the blast furnace.

Taste Demands of Iron Ore

The grade of iron ore refers to the mass fraction of iron, iron ore, is iron content in popular. For example, the grade of iron ore is 62, refers to the mass fraction of iron 62%. For hematite (main ingredients of Fe2O3), the theory of the highest grade is 70%; For magnetite (Fe3O4), the theory of the highest grade is 72.4%; For siderite (main ingredients for FeCO3), theory of highest grade is 48.3%; For limonite (main ingredients of Fe2O3.H2O), the theory of the highest grade of 62.9%.

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