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Physical Properties Of Magnetite

The chemical composition of magnetite is Fe3O4, crystals of the cubic system oxide mineral, crystal often assumes the octahedral and rhombic dodecahedron, collection of granular or massive. Perfect single crystal shape is octahedron or rhombic dodecahedron, show a dodecahedron diamond, diamond surface is parallel the crystal long diagonal stripes. Aggregation are dense or lump. Iron black color and streaks in black ink, metallic luster or semi metallic luster, opaque, no cleavage, 5.5 6 mohs hardness, specific gravity 4.8 5.3. Because it has strong magnetic, in the Chinese ancient books in ancient China referred to as a magnet, characterization of its magnetism; In addition there are 偩 stone, magnet, XuanShi name. Iron content is 72.4%, is one of the most important iron ore.

Distribution Of Magnetite

Magnetite wide distribution, there are a number of causes. Swedish luna is a typical magmatic ore deposit. Chile deportivo iron ore is formed by pulp directly associated with volcanism. Contact metamorphic formation of iron ore to China daye iron mine as an example. By the deposition of iron rock formed by regional metamorphism of iron ore (such as China around anshan iron ore), is given priority to with magnetite and hematite, size is very big, but the grade is low, is the most important source of iron ore in the world. The former Soviet union, North America, Brazil, Australia has a very large this kind of iron ore. Magnetite by than major, and have the ability of resistance to weathering, so can also be enriched in the riverbed or coastal sand. After oxidation can be transformed into hematite; If the original shape, called martite.

Magnetite Medicinal Value

Medicinal magnetite magnet, alias XuanShi, needle CiShi, ling magnets, magnet, suck away the stone. Efficacy: latent Yang nerves; Hearing ear bright eye; Gas and asthma. Magnetite not only has important applications in modern medicine, such as magnetic resonance imaging (fmri), often called CT, mri, and the application of magnetocardiogram and magnetoencephalography does, as the drug also has a great effect.

  • 1. The effect on blood system: with super particle dispersion magnet (ul – trodispersedferromagneticparticles) size is 0.2-1 mu m to 50 mg/kg to rats after intravenous injection, can make the animals in the blood hemoglobin levels increase, the number of red blood cells and white blood cells, blood coagulation time extension and plasma fibrin decomposition activity increased, at the same time neutrophils reaction increase. However, the same size magnetiteparticles 50 mg/kg intravenous injection, not appear afore-mentioned change, can only increase the activity of neutrophil phagocytosis.
  • 2. Study on the sedative and anticonvulsive magnet calm and anticonvulsive effect obviously enhanced after processing. Up 100% after a magnet solution 15 g/kg to mice to fill the stomach, can significantly extend the sodium pentobarbital sleeping time. Caused by strychnine in mice against convulsion, the convulsion significantly prolong the incubation period.
  • 3. The body process magnetic particles (Magnetite, Fe3O4), 0.1 to 0.5 microns in diameter, using 99 MTC and 111 mark in a magnet, recognition under the electron microscope and Mossbaner beam splitter, when these magnetic particle injection into rats, gathered in the liver and lungs two major organs.

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