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Physical Characteristics of Malachite

Malachite, from the Greek Mallache, which means “green”. Malachite color looks like a peacock feathers spots of green, with such a beautiful name. Said malachite in ancient China as a “green”, “green stone” or “green protecting”. Malachite is an ancient jade expected. Malachite is copper carbonate minerals. Belongs to monoclinic system. Often show columnar or needle-like crystal form, very rare, usually aphanitic stalactite shape, block, crusty, nodular and fibrous assembly. Concentric layered, fiber radial structure. Such as green, malachite green, dark green. Often have half, silk lustre or glass, transparent and opaque. Refractive index of 1.66-1.91, 0.25, birefringence pleochroism colorless, yellow green, dark green. 3.5 to 4.5 hardness, density of 3.54 4.1 g/cm3. Crisp, shells to jagged fracture. React in hydrochloric acid, and easily dissolved.

Home of the Malachite

Malachite is mainly originated from the oxidation of copper sulfide ore deposit belt, is the primary table containing copper oxidized to form minerals; Can be a sign for native copper deposit; Is the secondary copper smelting raw material, large color malachite can be used to thinking about all sorts of adornment, beautiful powder used in paints. Quality in the history of malachite mainly comes from the urals, the former Soviet union and the modern high quality malachite is mainly produced in Africa (Zambia), Zimbabwe, namibia and Zaire, etc. In addition, there are China, the United States, Australia, France, Chile, the UK and Romania and other countries.

Variety of Malachite

  • Normal malachite: dense blocks, the blocks have a certain block, botryoid, concentric layered, a variety of forms, such as radial and ribbon for half are available, block size. Internal green, dark green, pink, green, sky blue color half circle concentric, decorative pattern and beam radiation pattern, extremely beautiful. Head up to hundreds of tons, usually for jade jade materials and all kinds of jewelry.
  • Malachite gem: malachite single crystal, very rare. Have certain, such as columnar crystal shape transparent to translucent malachite single individual small, facet gem is only 0.5 ct, the largest and no more than 2ct.
  • Malachite opal: there will be a fibrous structure and silk luster of malachite type gem, processed into surface would like wood into stone or tiger eye stone, a band of eye effect.
  • Mixed azurite malachite green malachite: also called, refers to both the malachite and azurite block together. Because of malachite green, and blue copper mine is dark blue or purple, blue, green and dark blue set each other off becomes an interest, become the precious jade materials. Processed into jade, very beautiful.
  • Natural modelling malachite: manual sculpture, with its natural modelling as a display of art. Some stalactite aggregate, the table has some green cloth with soft nap, complete crystal shape, it is natural malachite green, very beautiful. Limited to natural conditions, malachite is difficult to meet the requirement as a stone, enjoying some, but its attractive color, excellent local, let a person get drunk in the understanding of its defects.

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