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Physical Characteristics of Olivine

Olivine is forsterite (Mg2Sio4) and fayalite (Fe2SiO4) series of varieties in the middle. Olivine because its color is more olive green and hence the name. Olivine is a island structure silicate minerals, chemical formula for (Mg,Fe)2[Sio4], belong to orthorhombic system. Are often short columnar crystal form, collection for irregular granular. Many colors for olive green, yellow, green, yellow green or grandmother. Glass luster, transparent. Refractive index of 1.654-1.690, birefringence, 0.035 to 0.038. No obvious pleochroism, dispersion of 0.020. Hardness is 6.5 to 7.0, 3.27~3.48g/cm3 density. Brittleness and poor toughness, appear easily crack.

Origin of Olivine

Olivine is a major component of mantle rock, widely produced in a variety of basic and ultrabasic rock and metamorphic rock of magnesia carbonate. Most of the world’s olivine is produced in alkaline basalt deep source of inclusions, spinel lherzolite. Quality and olivine world famous origin is Brazil, Egypt st. John in the red sea, mount Vesuvius, Italy, Norway, groom, Germany’s re ai region, such as the United States of Arizona, new Mexico. In China hebei zhangjiakou hanno dam basalt inclusions, olivine found the gem grade.

Optical Characteristics of Olivine

Gem grade olivine is greenish yellow, yellow, green (olive green), green, brown, brown, color and multiple color change with iron content. Color doesn’t be shallow pleochroism, green to give priority to those with a weak green yellow – green, and brown give priority to those for a shallow brown a deep brown three color in brown. Bo rui luster, transparency. Star effect, or the ‘s eye effect is rare.
Biaxial crystal optical, including TongTie into a negative light. The refractive index is in commonly 1.654 1.690. 0.035 0.038 birefringence, facet stone can be seen from the table pavilion of double face double edges and inclusions. The dispersion medium (0.020). Uv light, olivine without fluorescence reaction. Under Charles filter for the green. Characteristic absorption spectrum for the blue area is 433 nm, 474 nm to 497 nm in three absorption narrowband.

Formation of Olivine

Olivine composition of the material is one of the main composition of mantle rock mineral. In the crust and mantle material related to various spewing or intrusion of basic and ultrabasic rock contains a lot of olivine. In the process of contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism, magnesian carbonate rock will be generated by metamorphism peridot. Metamorphic iron deposits and dolomitic limestone, entirely composed of olivine. Peridot is also constitute one of the main minerals of aerolite. Olivine excluding quartz, so can’t in granite.

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