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Introduction of Zircon

Zircon is a kind of silicate minerals, it is the main ore refining metal zirconium. Zircon is widely exist in acidic igneous rocks, metamorphic rock and other sediments. Chemical properties of zircon is very stable, so in the gravel of river can see gem grade of zircon. There are many kinds of zircon, different zircons have different color, such as red, yellow, orange, brown, green, or colorless, transparent, and so on. After cutting the gem grade of zircon is like a diamond. Zircon also called zircon or hyacinth stone in the past. Zircon can tolerate high temperature above 3000 ℃, thus can be used for insulation of spacecraft.

Physical Characteristics Of Zircon

Zircon, the main chemical composition: zirconium silicate; Chemical composition of Zr [the SiO ₄], crystal island structure of tetragonal crystal system silicate minerals. Crystal is short columnar, usually four square column, four double cone or after four quarters of the double cone shape. Zircon color variety, are colorless, purple, golden yellow, pale yellow, pomegranate red, olive green, champagne, pink, purple, blue, apple green, etc., generally a colorless, blue and red. The dispersion of 0.039 (high). The lustre of strong glass luster to king kong. No cleavage. Mohs hardness of 6-7.5, than the major, density: mostly in 3.90 ~ 4.73 g/cm after. Type high: 4.60 ~ 4.80 g/cm after. Medium: 4.10 ~ 4.60 g/cm after. Low type: 3.90 ~ 4.10 g/cm after.

Structure Form Of Zircon

Zircon in various kinds of igneous rock as the accessory minerals output; Zircon stable chemical properties, and thus often preservation and drift sand, and appear as debris and sedimentary rocks and sedimentary metamorphic rock, mining and real value of zircon is zircon sand type deposit. In the alkaline rock and alkali pegmatite enrichment, the home of the famous southern Norway and urals in Russia. Zircon is often occurred in sands. The world’s important gem grade of zircon from Laos, Cambodia, myanmar, Thailand, etc. In alkali basalt in eastern China have gem grade of zircon. Zircon is the most important mineral extraction of zirconium and hafnium materials, also used in national defense and aerospace industry.

Type of the Zircon

Completely in the trade with varieties of zircon structure classification is not good for the customer to choose, and in the market is basically a high type of zircon, stone processing, in particular, no need to emphasize its type, therefore, now business, varieties are divided into color. Colorless zircon: (1) with diamond as colorless transparent, without any grey or brown. (2) blue zircon: one of the most popular varieties, including rare natural stone and stone processing. The market is mainly the latter. Have deep have shallow color. Without any yellow color of blue zircon has strong dichroism; With a yellow could restore the original color. Blue zircon often took very pale green. (3) the green or yellow, and blue zircon with brown. (4) micro lime green and zircon. (5) zircon orange, brown and yellow. (6) red zircon: including red to orange red. Someone will also rare zircon ‘s eye single row as a species.

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