MTM Medium-speed Grinding Mill

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MTM Medium-speed Grinding Mill

Product Features: Low energy consumption, high yielding and high gains

  • Input Size: 0-35mm
  • Capacity: 3-22TPH
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

China MTM Ore Milling Equipment Market Space Is Huge

China’s MTM Ore Milling Equipment industry started in the 20th century, 60 years, after decades of rapid development, the industry scale and technical level have been greatly improved, but compared with foreign-funded enterprises, the overall competitiveness is still a gap. The overall concentration of the industry is low, not yet a certain enterprise occupies an absolute advantage, the market competition is more intense. Since the reform and opening up, China’s rapid development of national economy, all walks of life demand for a large number of manufacturing equipment, and promote the development of China’s MTM Ore Milling Equipment industry.

In recent years, the State Council issued a “China-made 2025” manufacturing power program, targeting MTM Ore Milling Equipment, integrated circuits and special equipment, information and communication equipment, aerospace equipment, energy and new energy vehicles and other strategic priorities to guide the community all kinds of resources, Promote the advantages and rapid development of strategic industries. In this context, the MTM Ore Milling Equipment industry itself and its downstream supporting industries have been rapid development, of which the industry engaged in MTM Ore Milling Equipment equipment manufacturing enterprises, because of its high technological content, product quality and cost advantages of higher market demand is relatively strong.

China is currently in the middle stage of the industrialization process, is to solve the shortage of poverty-oriented development of economic power to get rich in the critical stage of the road, the downstream strong momentum of development led to the huge demand for MTM Ore Milling Equipment, China has more than Germany, become the world The largest MTM Ore Milling Equipment market, MTM Ore Milling Equipment has become the mainstream of MTM Ore Milling Equipment consumption. China’s future MTM Ore Milling Equipment market is huge, the proportion of economic MTM Ore Milling Equipment will be basically flat. In 2016, the size of China’s MTM Ore Milling Equipment market has reached 186.2 billion yuan, by 2020 China’s MTM Ore Milling Equipment industry, the scale of assets will be more than 270 billion yuan, the industry’s future development is huge. At the same time, China’s independent research and development of MTM Ore Milling Equipment equipment is still the main low-end products, MTM Ore Milling Equipment high-end products are still mainly dependent on imports. With the continuous upgrading of China’s MTM Ore Milling Equipment equipment technology, the future of high-end MTM Ore Milling Equipment equipment import space is vast.

MTM Ore Milling Equipment industry, many manufacturers, the whole industry a higher degree of market-oriented, more intense market competition. With the continuous upgrading of the technical level of the MTM Ore Milling Equipment industry, its downstream applications are also expanding, the current MTM Ore Milling Equipment equipment industry downstream applications related to the traditional machinery industry, automobile industry, power equipment, railway locomotives, ships, defense industry, aerospace industry, Petrochemical, engineering machinery, electronic information technology industry and other processing industries. Industry market supply and demand situation mainly by the downstream consumer electronics, LED products, solar photovoltaic equipment, aerospace equipment and integrated circuit industry and other industries a comprehensive impact.

MTM Ore Milling Equipment Features

MTM Ore Milling Equipment Application

MTM series grinding mill is widely used in electric power industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, building construction, coal industry, fireproofing materials making industry and some others. Materials as kaolin, gypsum, limestone and fly ash are easy ground by the machine.


Product Parameters

Note: 1.The bulk specific weight is calculated by 1.6t/m³. When the width of the feeding port is above 600mm, it is a large-scale machine while when the width ranges from 300 to 600mm, it is a medium-sized machine. 2.Product pictures and parameters about models, data, performances and specifications on this website are for reference only. There is a chance that SBM may make changes on above-mentioned information. For specific messages, please refer to the real objects and user manuals. Without special instructions, SBM keeps the right to explain all data involved in this website.

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