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2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder

2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder

The Relationship Between The 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder Industry And The New Economy

The new industry, the new industrial organization and business model emerge in an endless stream, so that the new elements of economic growth, new impetus and new models continue to emerge, and the new industry is becoming more and more important. So the so-called “new economy” surfaced. The word “new economy” is not new in itself. At the end of the 1990s to the beginning of this century, the United States emerged a feature of high growth, low inflation, low unemployment, low fiscal deficit, driven by information technology and globalization Economic development period, is considered a “new economy”. But after the second half of 2000, the Internet technology and financial-led “new economy” bubble eventually burst. The fundamental reason is that the Internet is not the technology and 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry together. Leaving the 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry, just stay in the invention of science and technology and financial chase and most of the economy will be out of the bubble. If the United States at the end of the last century to mention the “new economy” is too early, and now due to leaps and bounds of information technology makes a significant reduction in information technology costs, information technology has been gradually integrated with the 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry and widely used to change the social and economic life, Now mention the “new economy” is a matter of course.

The new economy, its essence, is due to a new round of technological and industrial revolution to promote new production, exchange, consumption, distribution activities, these activities for the performance of human production and economic structure changes, the new economic model of the old economic model alternative The The role of the new economy in promoting economic growth is at least threefold. One is that it has gradually become the independent and core input-output factor of social productive activities due to the increasing mobility of information (data), thus increasing the contribution of information marginal efficiency ; Second, the “cloud network side” as the representative of the new information infrastructure investment on economic growth; Third, the production organization and social division of labor more inclined to socialization, networking, platform, flat, small micro , Thus adapting to the individual needs of consumers, and further expand the scope of economic role. In the context of the current economic downturn in China, industrial structure differentiation, economic growth momentum in the context of the need to change, vigorously develop the new economy is not only a positive response to the new industrial revolution challenges strategic choice, but also China’s supply side of the structural reform to optimize the allocation of resources strategy Claim.

The 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry, as the focus of the deep integration of information and manufacturing, whether it is intelligent products, intelligent factories, intelligent manufacturing enterprises or 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry’s ecological chain, constitute an important part of the new economy, 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry as a new A technology and industrial revolution is the rapid development of the pilot, a modern industrial system in the development of great potential industry. More importantly, the development of the new economy relies heavily on the 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry to provide a source of technology and equipment, a source of growth for the new economy, both as inputs to new production factors, as well as investment in new information infrastructures, and The emergence of new economic division of labor model of development, are inseparable from the 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry support. No 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry development support, the new format, the new business model will also become a castle in the air. 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry development, on the one hand will pull new materials, information and communication in various fields of technological innovation and industrial development; on the other hand to further promote the growth of new industries and traditional industries to change, to meet the intelligence of producers and consumers, Personalized demand, and promote intelligent agriculture, smart city, intelligent transportation, smart grid, intelligent logistics and intelligent home and other social and economic fields of intelligent development. Of course, the rapid development of the new economy, but also to the 2500 Tons Per Hour Vibrating Feeder industry to provide greater demand for space and a broader application prospects.

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