Artificial Sand Making Process


Significance of Artificial Sand Making Process In recent years, with the rapid development of construction undertakings of various kinds, river channel sand mining has can't meet the development need of sand, building sand…

Significance of Artificial Sand Making Process

In recent years, with the rapid development of construction undertakings of various kinds, river channel sand mining has can’t meet the development need of sand, building sand volume rose sharply, but natural sand collection capacity is limited by the nature system of fluvial sand, the growth of the river channel sand mining in river normal flow and the security of a certain security risk. For the safety of river channel all over the world have issued by ban, rule can sand mining in some time, and the quantity of sand mining limited. Building that need to use the development of the sharp rise in sand amount, thus sand prices began to rise for years, but the lack of natural sand cause we must find a good method to solve with sand and gravel are in short supply and the contradiction between the construction production. For the demand of the market, the contradiction between supply and demand, artificial sand appeared.

Development of Artificial Sand Making Process

Artificial sand just as its name implies is to make use of mechanical equipment system of artificial sand inside the sand making machine stone hit stone by stone, stone fall in such a process make the stone into the sand. Artificial sand particle surface is rough, more edges, good combination between aggregate and cement, aggregate, high mechanical bite, so concrete with artificial sand than natural sand with high strength concrete. But in the process of stone processing, due to the intense collision and stone itself has certain soil content, so can make the artificial sand contains a certain amount of limestone and clay powder. The existence of the mud powder will seriously affect the grading of sand. The existence of the powder can make up for the artificial sand in concrete caused by the gap is big, water demand is big, poor liquidity shortcomings. Artificial sand powder content in order to solve this problem, people learn the principle of system of river sand, make the sand washer, move it through the sand washer washing to remove the mud powder, so that the artificial sand reached the standard of building sand, we call this method wet-process production line.

Artificial Sand Making Process

Material from the hopper into the sand making machine, the distributor can material is split into 2 elements, half from the distributor within the middle to high speed rotating blade, the blade was accelerated quickly, its acceleration is up to many hundred times the attractive force acceleration, then at the speed of 60-70 – m/s from 3 uniform mass ejection of the flow passage of blade to travel out, 1st with received by distributor round the drop impact crushing a part of the fabric, then hit with vortex cavity lining material and be lining material rebound, oblique upward shocks to the highest of the vortex chamber, and alter the direction of movement, deflecting downward movement, emitted from the blade passage of fabric to make endless material. Such a chunk of the fabric within the vortex broken cavity by doubly that several risk impact, friction and grinding crushing impact. Be broken material by bottom discharging mouth eduction. below the crushing method, the fabric to impact between broken, not direct contact with metal elements, however the liner with material shattered by shock, friction, Angle of reducing the pollution, prolong mechanical wear. Vortex chamber internal clever flow from circulation, eliminate the mud pollution.

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