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Building Materials Crusher

Building Materials Crusher

Building Materials and Crushing

Building materials has a broad application in the current industries and sectors, especially in housing Building, play an irreplaceable role in the Building of road and bridge, new building material is very important to improve the quality of the engineering Building. While the current new crusher equipment, especially, such as the counterattack crusher and hammer crusher is the main building materials crushing processing machinery. Building materials crushing process is relatively complex, its hardness is relatively large, need to wear parts of high quality equipment, at the same time, need to repeatedly crushing processing, therefore, Hammer crusher and Impact crusher is the preferred equipment. Impact crusher is mainly through the rotor, and the interaction between counterattack plate, plate, making Building Materials constantly being crushing, crushing in order to achieve requirements.

Building Materials Crusher——Impact crusher

Impact crusher is the kinetic energy to grinding Building Materials crushing machine, the working principle and structure of performance, there are many similar places. Impact crusher hammer head and the rotor is rigid connection, fracture zone within the chassis back blow type crushing Angle. When large Building Materials from the Impact crusher inlet after feeding, first by high speed rotating hammer bottom-up Impact crushing, and are quick to Impact crusher counterattack plate hammer crushing, or bounce back crushing zone, again by hammer Impact, continue to repeat the process. On the way back and forth, Building Materials will collide with each other, between produced from crushing. After many, many functions of composite grinding, if Building Materials particle size is less than the Impact crusher counterattack plate and the gaps between the blue, from Impact crusher cabinet bottom discharging mouth discharge; If it is greater than the gap will be rigid hammer head milling and grinding crushing, until discharge. Thus, Impact crusher in the crushing effect is mainly the following three aspects: freedom rebound crushing, crushing, milling and crushing.

Daily Maintenance Knowledge Of Building Materials Crusher

  • 1. check your installation good equipment is correct, in order to make the Building Materials Crusher test run, check whether there are abnormal noise, whether equipment to normal.
  • 2. in the process of production, check whether lack of grease lubrication part, often check whether there is the main bearing heating phenomenon. Once a fever phenomenon should immediately stop, check the lubrication condition of bearing grease or check whether there is any loose on the main bearing seat fastening bolt phenomenon. Running with the bolt looseness, can cause Building Materials Crusher main bearing vibration, bearing ball form without track running fever, the check box body spindle side plate of seals, whether because of long-term operation and wear and tear, causing dust into the bearing seat. Make the bearing can’t get good lubrication and fever.
  • 3. Building Materials Crusher in normal use, if found to have abnormal sound, should immediately stop check, especially if there’s any loose for the rotor part of the bolt, if there are any problems should be handled in time, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the machine.
  • 4. the replacement of wearing parts, production for a long time, because of the Building Materials and crushing operation phase of impact parts easy to wear, Building Materials Crusher counterattack plate gap will affect the finished product granularity.
  • 5. every day after work, Building Materials Crusher parts should be in the initial work condition, and should clean up the mechanical parts of dust and debris around.
  • 6. check Building Materials Crusher triangle tightness. The wear degree is serious, to be replaced immediately.
  • 7, when switched on, the Building Materials Crusher inlet near anyone is allowed to stay here, to keep a stone material from the feed port, endanger personal safety. If you must stay here, must prepare safety protection measures, such as wearing a helmet, wear protective clothing, etc.
  • 8. equipment are in need of repair, must be familiar with the equipment and technical personnel to repair Building Materials Crusher.
  • 9. power maintenance, the normal production of Building Materials Crusher need not only to the correct maintenance of the equipment, and with the maintenance of power supply and power also has a lot to do.

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