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Coal Briquette Machine Supplier Indonesia

Coal Briquette Machine Supplier Indonesia

Coal Briquette Machine Basic Information

Coal Briquette Machine refers to the corn stalks, wheat straw, cotton stalks, rice straw, rice husks, peanut shells, corn cobs, twigs, leaves, sawdust and other crops, solid waste in rural areas (such as mushroom residue, furfural residue, etc.) raw material, after crushing pressure, increasing the frequency molding, production of “straw coal” machines.

Coal Briquette Machine Workflow

Will be more than 60mm of coal with chaff cutter or grinder, its length and the moisture content of coal grains are within the specified range; by feeding machine (conveyor belt) or artificial coal evenly to Indonesia Coal Briquette Machine within the upper discharge port, that is press-molded product. From raw materials to fuel its processes as follows: coal recovery → guillotine cutting metal on the material automatically to suppress → forming → Output → cooling → ​​Transport → biomass power plant or a small boiler or civilian.

Coal Briquette Machine Working Principle

Coal Briquette Machine using the squeeze pressure between flat and round shaped module die hole pressure and friction interaction theory, the coal obtained molding. Coal in the process without the addition of any additives or binders. Coal contains a certain amount of cellulose and lignin, the lignin structure of the coal in the monomer, benzene propane-type polymers. Cell walls with enhanced adhesion effect of cellulose. Lignin is a non-crystalline, at room temperature, the major part of any solvent-insoluble, no melting point, but a softening point. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the lignin softening the adhesive force increases, and at a certain pressure, so that the cellulose molecules displacement, deformation, extend inside the adjacent engagement biomass particles contact each other, to suppress recombination molding.

Coal Briquette Machine Feature

  • 1, high capacity, low power consumption: Indonesia Coal Briquette Machine hourly capacity 1500 kg -2000 kg, only 22 kilowatts power motor. If electricity facilities available instead of diesel.
  • 2, low price: Indonesia Coal Briquette Machine for only 48,000 yuan.
  • 3, materials adaptable: Indonesia Coal Briquette Machine can adapt to a variety of biomass feedstocks molding, straw between powder to 55mm length from between 5 – 30% moisture content, can be processed shape.
  • 4, electric heating function: Indonesia Coal Briquette Machine with automatic electric heating device, adjustable humidity of materials to address not blocked, the difficulty of forming.
  • 5, the pressure wheel automatic adjustment function: Indonesia Coal Briquette Machine using the principle of bi-directional rotation of the thrust bearing automatically adjusts the pressure angle, so that the material is not crowded group, not boring machine, to ensure the stability of the material forming.
  • 6, the operation is simple and easy to use: a high degree Briquette Machine automation Indonesia Coal, less labor, only three people, using artificial feeding or automatic feeding conveyor can be.

Coal Briquette Machine Supplier Indonesia

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