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Trend: "Industry + Internet" Lead The Future Development Of Gold Ore Crushers Industry Market analysis At present, China is facing the difficult task of economic restructuring and upgrading, but also catch up with a new round o…

Trend: “Industry + Internet” Lead The Future Development Of Gold Ore Crushers Industry

Market analysis

At present, China is facing the difficult task of economic restructuring and upgrading, but also catch up with a new round of science and technology and industrial revolution driven by the new economic development of the historical opportunity. If the developed countries to develop the new economy is the essence of information and “re-industrialization” of the depth of integration, then for China, the development of new economy means that the depth of industrialization and information integration is the further advance of the industrialization process, economic structure Transformation and upgrading of the inherent requirements. Gold Ore Crushers industry as a deep integration of information technology and industrialization embodied, for the traditional industrialization of kinetic energy weakened, the old and new economic growth momentum need to convert the current stage of China, is of great significance.

Basic Understanding Of The Gold Ore Crushers Industry

In the face of China’s industrial power, but not the status quo of industrial power, as well as the international financial crisis, the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France and other developed countries have put forward the international background of Gold Ore Crushers industry revitalization plan, ” Gold Ore Crushers industry is the founding of the country, the foundation of the country, the country of the device. “Made in China 2025” meaning can not only from an industrial planning perspective to understand, but also from the future of China’s sustainable economic growth momentum to look at. “Made in China 2025” proposed to speed up the new generation of information technology and Gold Ore Crushers industry deep integration of the main line to promote the Gold Ore Crushers industry as the main direction, strengthen the industrial base capacity to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, to achieve Gold Ore Crushers industry from large to strong Historical leap. In the dynamic blueprint for economic growth, the Gold Ore Crushers industry is proposed as a main direction, and it can be seen that its position is important.

The so-called Gold Ore Crushers industry, intuitively speaking, is based on artificial intelligence technology and manufacturing technology integration and the formation of optimization goals to meet the manufacturing system or model. In the beginning of the Gold Ore Crushers industry, the content is relatively narrow, the optimization target is relatively specific, but with the new manufacturing model continues to appear and the continuous development of information technology, Gold Ore Crushers industry connotation has been gradually broadened. From the technical basis, has been developed from simple artificial intelligence, including large data, Internet of things, cloud computing, including a new generation of information technology; from the manufacturing process, has been from the simple production and processing links extended to the product’s life cycle; From the manufacturing system level, has been extended from the manufacturing equipment unit to include the workshop, business, supply chain, including the entire manufacturing ecosystem; from the optimization objectives, from the initial realization of the absence of human intervention in the case of small batch production, development To meet the individual needs of consumers, to achieve optimal decision-making, improve production flexibility, improve production efficiency and resource utilization, improve product quality, shorten the manufacturing cycle, reflecting the environment and a series of goals. Therefore, the current Gold Ore Crushers industry, has been broadly understood as based on large data, Internet of things and other new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology integration, can automatically adapt to the manufacturing environment to achieve changes in product design and manufacturing to recycling Such as intelligent products, intelligent production, intelligent services and intelligent recycling, and so on.

Gold Ore Crushers industry to achieve, the key is to rely on a new generation of information technology system technical support. The more technically based Gold Ore Crushers industry is now the Information-Physical System (CPS), or the Virtual-Entity System. In layman’s terms, this is a cyberspace system that can connect machines, materials, crafts, people, and so on in the world of industrial entities effectively through the Internet and the various types of information systems in the virtual world. The system integrates the world’s industrial data Depth perception, real-time dynamic transmission and advanced modeling analysis, to achieve the depth of network information systems and physical space integration, real-time interaction, mutual coupling, mutual updates, thus forming intelligent decision-making and control, and ultimately drive the entire Gold Ore Crushers industry intelligent development. This system is known as CPS in German industry 4.0, and the industry in the United States is called the industrial Internet. In the United States industry, the industrial Internet is the Internet in all industrial areas, industrial value chain in the integration of integrated applications, is to support the Gold Ore Crushers industry’s key integrated information infrastructure. With this system, we can realize the self-organization, self-coordination and self-improvement of the self-adapting environment, so as to meet the high complexity, high quality, low cost, low consumption, low pollution and many varieties. Model that contradict each other, it is impossible to achieve a series of optimization goals at the same time.

Economic research shows that the international competitiveness of a country’s economy and the key to long-term stable growth is the ability to manufacture complex products, and intelligent manufacturing is the crushing machine industry transformation and upgrading of the commanding heights, represents the future direction of the development of Gold Ore Crushers industry and economic structure Of the trend, determines the ability of a country to create complex products. Therefore, the Gold Ore Crushers industry has become the focus of technological innovation and economic development in the world today. The developed countries adopt the “re-industrialization” strategy of Gold Ore Crushers industry, and China will regard the Gold Ore Crushers industry as the main direction of “Made in China 2025”. Of course, the overall level of China’s Gold Ore Crushers industry compared with the world’s manufacturing power is still relatively large, but the Gold Ore Crushers industry is a widely used system, including technology, products, enterprises, industry chain to the whole society at all levels, Scientific planning, and strive to innovation, you can gradually achieve from point to line, from line to face, from the surface to the body of the breakthrough, and ultimately build a manufacturing power.


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Trend: “Industry + Internet” Lead The Future Development Of Gold Ore Crushers Industry Market analysis At present, China is facing the difficult task of economic restructuring and upgrading, but also…