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Gold Trommel For Sale In Alaska

Gold Trommel For Sale In Alaska

Gold Trommel For Sale In Alaska

Alaska Gold Trommel is that we learn the advantages of Alaska similar products, and screening for outdoor storage of materials due to the high humidity caused by screening thereby increasing viscosity. So that the material is not easy screening and cause clogging of the sieve, based on the design and manufacture and enjoys national patent screening equipment. Particularly adapted to the wet sticky materials screening, mesh is not blocked. So it is dedicated to the metallurgical industry screening and classification of materials. Alaska Gold Trommel mainly consists of motor, reducer, drum unit, rack, closures, expected out other components.

Alaska Gold Trommel Working Principle

Tilt cylinder unit mounted on the rack. The motor reducer unit connected with the drum via a coupling, the drive roller means to rotate about its axis. When the material enters the cylinder apparatus, since the inclination of the rotary drum means, so that the material of the screen surface and rolling inverted so qualified materials (the undersize product) through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum is discharged, the failure of the material (sieve on the product) by the drum rear discharge opening discharge. As the material within the drum flip, scroll, so that the material in the sieve in the card can be ejected, to prevent clogging of the sieve.

Alaska Gold Trommel Feature

  • 1, the material adaptability: used in various types of materials screening, even though inferior materials, but also to smooth screening.
  • 2, simple and diverse feeding method: Our company has developed Alaska Gold Trommel Inlet according to the actual site design, whether it is the belt feed hopper or other way, do not take special measures can be smooth feed.

  • 3, high efficiency: The device may be provided with a comb-type ballast cleaning agencies in the screening process, regardless of the material into the screening cylinder multi dirty, and more can be mixed screening, thereby increasing the screening efficiency of the device.
  • 4, screening large, easy-to-large. Under the same size, area of ​​a circle is larger than the other type-like area, so its screening effective area is large, so that the material can fully contact with the screen, and thus the amount per unit time on the big screening. Because of its simple structure, easy layout, innovative technology and sophisticated features, easily large.
  • 5, their energy consumption. Our company has developed Alaska Gold Trommel motor power, is the other half of the screen type to third, but the running time is only one-half of the screen type other dealing with the same amount of material, and therefore low energy consumption.
  • 6, a good working environment. Can be used throughout the screening cylinder seal sealed cage, complete removal of the screening process of circulating dust, splash and so massive points, to avoid contamination of the work environment.
  • 7, the low-noise devices. Alaska Gold Trommel in operation, since the rotation speed is small, and a sealing cover and the isolation from the outside world, so that the noise can not be delivered to the outside, thus reducing the noise of the device.
  • 8, long life, small amount of maintenance. Alaska Gold Trommel is composed of several circular ring network, whose total area is much larger than other screening sieve type of screening area, coupled with high efficiency, equipment operation time is short, and therefore a longer service life of wearing parts small, little maintenance.
  • 9, easy maintenance. When replacing the sieve, simply open the body to replace the seal cover, easy to operate. After the device is sealed from the hood open without affecting the normal operation of Alaska Gold Trommel and makes maintenance very easy.

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