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Gypsum Block Production Plant

Gypsum Block Production Plant

Gypsum Block Production Plant

  • 1, the ingredients section. With coagulant and gypsum powder mixed into qualified gypsum slurry.
  • 2, shaping process. Gypsum slurry from molding machine paper machine, tensioning device, storage after rectifying device and viscose, pressure into specified thickness of Gypsum Block.
  • 3, drying section. Gypsum Block after drying machine drying, cooling through the dryer cooling section, then through the machine in an orderly way out of the dryer in plate.
  • 4, trimming, stacking section. Out of the dryer of Gypsum Block into the trimmer, exactly to the required size, product by the finished product roller conveyor into stacker stacking, after a crib by forklift sent to the shipping department store.
  • 5, decorative veneered section. Gypsum Block after glue bonding glue again turning pressing after curing, cutting, bag, packing storage.

Can be seen from the gypsum block production plant, the more intensive is the process of ingredients of the gypsum slurry, gypsum slurry ingredients determines the gypsum block, the quality of the finished product, so how is the gypsum powder?

Gypsum Powder Product Plant

Crushing System: gypsum raw materials through a feeder into the crusher, crusher to break large size gypsum ore into small particles of less than 30 mm, and set aside. According to the size of the gypsum raw materials and different production requirements, can choose the corresponding specifications of the crusher, usually choose PE jaw crusher, the PC hammer crusher or PF counterattack crusher etc. In order to protect the environment is clean, can be equipped with dust removal equipment, satisfies the requirement of environment protection.

Raw Material Conveying: after crushing the gypsum material being hoist to surge bin. Set aside. Storage bin according to the design specifications to the requirement of material storage time, to ensure a stable supply of materials.

Grinding System: material is evenly continuously the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to mill, grinding. After grinding of gypsum raw powder by mill fan drum wind blowing out, through the analysis above the host machine grading. Fineness is specifications of the powder, with the wind flow into the big cyclone collector, after collection by the powder tube eduction is the finished product. Finished product into the screw conveyor, conveying to the next system calcination. The wind road is closed circulation system, from the big cyclone collector bag filter, introduced between the blower and pipeplant, to remove the dust in the air, and then into the environment, to ensure a clean environment. After grinding system of material by the particle size of 0 ~ 30 mm, change for 80 ~ 120 mesh, conform to the requirements of the gypsum powder fineness.

Calcined System: this system is mainly including hoisting machine, roots blower fluidized bed, electrostatic dust removal, such as equipment. Using fluidized bed is the most widely used building gypsum burning equipment, with a small device, large production capacity structure is simple, not easy to damage the equipment is compact, covers an area of low energy consumption less easy to operate, easy to realize automatic control, products of good quality and plaster of Paris ideal phase composition, physical properties stable infrastructure investment, low operation cost of the seven advantages, is widely used natural gypsum and chemical gypsum calcination process.

Electrical Control System: electrical control system adopts the advanced centralized control, DCS control or PLC control, the control parts were picked from the international famous brand products.

Gypsum Powder Product Plant Supplier

After studying more than 20 years development experience on the basis of milling equipment, according to many characteristics of gypsum, our experts developed a high efficient gypsum powder production technology, the technology of dry process production, implement a grinding are optional, through frequency conversion efficient classifier, gesso mill can be directly to prescribed standards, no need to pass the external screening or separation. At the same time because of the internal circulation wind, can quickly will conform to the finished product of gypsum powder to blow, completely avoid grinding phenomenon, has greatly increased the production and the production efficiency; The adoption of advanced dust collector, the system reached the state environmental protection requirements.

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