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How To Extract Silver From Lead Ore

How To Extract Silver From Lead Ore

Abstract: How To Extract Silver From Lead Ore in which we must first understand Galena is oxidized sulfide ore or ore, but also to understand the silver cyanide solution is easy to dissolve in a corner silver, native silver and silver-hui Crimson silver mine, or insoluble, pink silver, selenium and silver, sulfur, antimony copper silver.

How To Extract Silver From Lead Ore?

After clarify phase above mine, again to determine the cyanide Extract conditions, if it is zinc oxide, zinc is readily soluble in cyanide solution, especially calamine, red zinc, zinc particularly easy to dissolve in water cyanide solution, consume large amounts of cyanide, and the resulting Zn (CN) 2 is deposited on the surface of gold particles impede dissolution of silver. If the galena contains small amounts of lead, gold, silver cyanide is advantageous to eliminate the harmful effects of lead cyanide solution of alkali metal sulfide in the Extract argentite (AgS), the lead salt can make the resulting precipitate as Na2S in S2- PbS, thereby promoting dissolution of silver cyanide solution, but galena silver sulfate complex, can not afford the above effect. Excessive levels of lead have some influence on the Extract rate of gold and silver, gold and silver Extract rate will decrease with increasing amount of lime.

Silver Lead Ore Processing Methods

First, by using high concentrations of cyanide solution (0.2 ~ 0.6% NaCN) Extract to ensure dissolution of silver; Second heap Extract galena have good permeability and porosity to provide the oxygen needed to dissolve the silver. As for the specific heap Extract procedures are as follows:

Build A Heap Leach Field

Heap Extract is generally selected site near Galena convenient transportation gentle mountain, first to eradicate weeds and topsoil, then tamp, built into a slope of 3 to 5 percent of the foundation, to facilitate inflow of leachate from the sump, in the vicinity of heap Extract field to build lean liquid pool, expensive liquid pool and flood control facilities.

Galena Pretreatment

The purpose of preprocessing is that on the one hand to achieve a particle size galena. Make cyanide Extract solution can be fully and silver contacts, on the other hand makes Galena has good permeability, so that the Extract solution evenly through the Galena mine heap. Preprocessing methods are broken into appropriate granularity heap Extract; after crushing after granulation heap Extract. Suitable for general heap leach lead, 10mm can be crushed to less than 30mm.

Building Heap

Building heap is one of the main aspects of heap Extract process, building heap way related to Galena mine heap permeability, thickness uniformly distributed particles, etc., directly affect the Extract rate of silver. Building heap available manual or mechanical building heap. Heap should be built in to avoid being crushed galena produce secondary sludge, to avoid local compaction and galena ore particles of segregation. Galena thickness to ensure uniform distribution of mineral particles, lead ore heap permeable and breathable, making cyanide solution and oxygen flowing around Galena mine heap, channeling and blockage area appears to avoid Extract. Building heap methods are: sub heap heap building method, hierarchical build heap France, building heap segment stratification method. Heap Extract of building the stack height depending on the size, generally 2 to 5 meters. After building a good lead ore stockpile, erection pipeline, ready to spray.

Spray Extract

Galena mine heap before the spray should be washed with caustic cyanide solution, when the pH value of 9.5 to 11 washings again when cyanide solution is sprayed.

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