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Hydrated Lime Manufacturing Process

Hydrated Lime Manufacturing Process

Purpose Of the Hydrated Lime

Make stone, lime, bordeaux mixture liquid as a pesticide. Change of soil acid alkali adding appropriate amount of hydrated lime to the soil, to neutralize acid, change the acid and alkaline soil. Food additives, sodium hydroxide, the production of bleaching powder. Can be used in the production of calcium carbonate, epoxy chloropropane, propylene oxide, bleaching powder, bleaching powder, disinfectants, check acid, astringent, hard water softener, soil acidity prevent agent, depilatories, buffer, neutralizing agent, curing agent and medicine, etc.; Used in rubber, oil, chemical additives, such as in the oil industry in the lubricating oil, can prevent the coking and sludge sedimentation, and anti-corrosion.

Hydrated Lime Production Technology Introduction

Hydrated lime is quick lime and water reaction products. According to the use of lime – high calcium, usually contain CaO, add 0.5 ~ 2.5% of MgO style, magnesium oxide or dolomitic lime, usually contain CaO plus 35.0% to 40.0% of the MgO style – hydrates is calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) or a mixture of calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg (OH) 2). Depending on the degree of burning lime and hydrated, very small, quite a number of hydrated magnesium oxide (MgO style) method can be found in baiyun hydrate.

Hydrated Lime Manufacturing Process

Quick lime raw material, by the loader to join in the bin and join the rest of the E crusher by vibrating feeder evenly broken from around 30-50 mm, dust produced in the process of broken by induced draft fan through the upper E crusher dust hood to workshop external pulse bag dust collector, the calcium oxide powder dust cleaning once a week.

After crushing of the quicklime by bucket elevator ascend into in digest in the department of lime bin workshop, quicklime through the bottom of the lime bin flashboard valve, weighing feeder evenly into the digestive machine (feed rate of 5t/h), at the same time with grey water than 1:3, the ratio of 5 to digest the machine add water, flow (17.5m3/h), digestive machine is started 15 minutes can use the hot water tank heated to 80℃ hot water heating medium for saturated steam (hot water), when the temperature of the digestion machine has reached more than 90 degrees, can stop the hot pot of hot water use cold water to digest (or cyclic) water. Into the digestive machine can use quick lime and water in mixing blade digestion reaction under high intensity of stirring, hydration into Ca(OH)2 emulsion. Most residue by digestion machine slag notch and vibrating screen in screening out (discharge quantity of 1642.6Kg/h), the residue is conveyor workshop to the outside of the slag pool, digestion process of water vapor collected by digesting the tail of the dust hood to the workshop after processing in the foreign economic water film dust emission, water film dust catcher drainage used for digestion of the tail slag washing.

By the filtered coarse slurry (about 25%) themselves go into the thick slurry pool, by extracting coarse pulp slurry pump in the pool size sent to the spin liquid slag separator, liquid rotary slag separator separation of insoluble ash (120 Kg/h) after vibrating screen separation into slag pool in the workshop. After rotating liquid slag separator treatment of serous about 22% (flow about 25m3/h), into the pure water preparation in the slurry storage tank content of Ca(OH)2 to 20% by pump pumping again sent to the cyclization towers, traffic 60m3/h, cyclization process requirement, to better meet the seminal plasma storage tank can be heated to heat up to 65 ℃ and heat preservation, heating medium for saturated steam.

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