Impact Crusher Specifications


Impact Crusher Specifications Impact Crusher is a kind of the use of Impact energy to broken broken machinery. When the material into the Impact hammer Crusher plate area, affected by the high speed Impact of plate hammer …

Impact Crusher Specifications

Impact Crusher is a kind of the use of Impact energy to broken broken machinery. When the material into the Impact hammer Crusher plate area, affected by the high speed Impact of plate hammer broken, and thrown to the installation of the counterattack broken crusher on the top of the rotor broken again, and then bounced from the back plate to plate hammer function area broken again. This process is repeated until the material being broken to the required size, by the Impact Crusher bottom discharge. Adjust the clearance between the back frame and rotor can achieve the purpose of the material discharging granularity and material to change shape. Impact Crusher Specifications are mainly PF Impact Crusher and PFW Impact Crusher. PF Impact Crusher has PF1010, PF1210 PF1214, PF1315. PFW Impact Crusher has more Specifications, which includes two cavities PFW Impact Crusher PFW and three Chambers, Impact Crusher, different cavity type of PFW Impact Crusher have different Specifications. If you want to know the specific Impact Crusher Specifications, including Impact Crusher size, feed particle size, production capacity and so on, just contact us! Our expert will provide you a detailed answer.

Impact Crusher Parts

Impact Crusher main parts before spring, railings, retaliate after rack, rack, retaliate plate, square steel, plate bolt, flip crusher, spindle, plate hammer, rotor frame, plate, locking block, clamping piece and so on.

Counterattack Plate

Counterattack plate is used by plate under the Impact of the hammer hit the material, make the material Impact and broken, and will Impact crushing material to bounce back after the Impact area, again carries on the Impact Crusher breaking to obtain the required product granularity. Impact Crusher Counterattack plate of the specifications of the lot, there are mainly mansard and arc shape. Mansard back surface can make the various points in the Impact Crusher counterattack plate materials are approximate vertical direction of impact, so the best crushing effect can be obtained. Circular counter block by counterattack plate rebound can make the material out, in the center of the circle to form intense impact crushing zone, in order to increase the material free impact crushing effect. Different specifications of Impact Crusher with different specifications of the back plate. Impact Crusher Counterattack plate generally USES the steel plate welded. The back surface is equipped with wear-resistant liner, but also can use back of roller or grate plate. With the back side of grate seam and the fine content is less, in its product Impact Crusher production capacity can be improved, save power consumption. But there are complex, back surface is difficult to change, defects such as quick wear after wear and tear. Impact Crusher rotor are mostly made of whole cast steel, structure is strong and durable, easy to install board hammer, its quality is big, can satisfy the requirement of broken. Small and light Impact Crusher rotor steel plate welded together may be adopted.

Square steel

Square steel square, can be divided into a seam and seamless. Slit Impact Crusher square steel is made up of plates welded together, into a square steel tube. Seamless square steel is made of seamless steel tube to pull out the system. The compressive capacity is more than have a seam pipe. Impact Crusher square steel have the effect of don’t let the material from the front; Wear parts for the Impact Crusher strictly carry out heat treatment process, the use of high strength, the key parts adopt torin, bearings and other countries export products exempted from inspection equipment one-time investment, high efficiency. Theory of Impact Crusher square steel weight calculation formula: side Х Х length = 0.00785 kg/m (just for reference, give priority to with practical).

Plate Hammer

The shape of the Impact hammer Crusher plate is closely related to the fastening methods and working load. Plate hammer design should meet the reliable operation, easy handling and improve the utilization ratio of Impact Crusher plate hammer metal requirements. Impact Crusher plate hammer generally adopt high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel and other wear resistant alloy steel. A lot of specifications Impact Crusher plate hammer, elongated, T, S form, working form, hatchet, and shape, such as slot generally adopts the elongated.

Clamping Piece

The parts are widely used in all kinds of crushers, material, performance is steady, can be made according to the different requirement. After completion of the load test run, should make the necessary adjustments for the Impact Crusher clamping block. Compact block stable chemical composition, heat treatment process is reasonable and good abrasion resistance, excellent strength higher characteristic. Impact Crusher Clamping piece automatic clamping mechanism, using the cylinder driving, linkage and linear guide ways, has realized the compression block clamping, feed, the other end of the clamping action, and loosen and returned to the order. The whole process adopts full pneumatic control, accurate and reliable, meet the Impact Crusher use requirement.

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