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Limestone Crushing For CFB Power Plant

Limestone Crushing For CFB Power Plant

CFB Power Plant is Mandatory

Massive emissions of sulfur dioxide, is the primary cause of acid rain pollution aggravation. The coal-fired power sector is large, two-thirds of the country’s total sulfur dioxide emissions account for emissions, the state promulgated the latest “Thermal Power Plant Air Pollutant Emission Standards” (GB13223-2003) for sulfur dioxide emissions from thermal power plants made ​​more strict restrictions on specific requirements, including sulfur dioxide and soot control limits nearing requires developed countries and regions. This thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization emissions put forward higher requirements, select advanced and efficient CFB Plant is particularly important.

CFB Power Plant Technological development

Thermal power plants at home and abroad using the CFB Plant hundreds of kinds. The most widely used is the limestone CFB Plant, i.e., limestone, gypsum wet flue gas scrubbing technique, the flue gas with a limestone slurry to handle the removal of the flue gas SO2, the final product is calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum). Limestone gypsum flue gas CFB Plant is a development of the most mature, widely used worldwide flue gas CFB Plant, is often used by large power plants. Limestone gypsum flue gas desulfurization CFB Plant has a high efficiency, even for high-sulfur fuel, also the same. Early or gypsum-based sulfite residue CFB Plant limestone flue gas generated, are discarded as waste. Today, such devices typically are designed to produce high quality products for producing a gypsum wallboard material suitable.

CFB Power Plant

For the purposes of many applications, CFB Power Plant have lower than other flue gas desulfurization process based on the cost of production of lime. Typically, limestone cheaper than lime and gypsum by-product under normal circumstances can be sold as commodities, mainly for the construction of gypsum boards, construction gypsum powder, gypsum block can also be used to make cement plant cement hardener or slow coagulant, also can be used as temporary construction materials engineering, etc. This can not only increase plant efficiency, reduce operating costs, and can reduce the desulfurization byproduct disposal costs, extend the life of the gray field. This is especially important for absorbing large consumption devices. For use in high-sulfur fuel, the load is high and long-term use of large inland plants, limestone and gypsum flue gas CFB Plant can often provide an entire lifetime costs among the lowest in the options.

Limestone Crushing For CFB Power Plant

And how limestone is preparing low-cost thermal power plant started to become a new shortcut to reduce costs, CFB Power Plant on limestone fineness requirements more stringent, basically 0 ~ 1mm diameter range of limestone, and minimize fine share, which also need to use limestone Crushing Machine For CFB Power Plant, currently in the desulfurization system in order to achieve desulfurization limestone powder disposable fineness requirements, commonly used limestone Crushing Machine For CFB Power Plant (efficient pre-mill) and DPX efficient combination of crushing machine, which has been opened in November 2010 to build the oil ring can project uses Xinjiang has been fully confirmed, the project is mainly produced using SBM sets reciprocating feeder WF120, single-stage crushing machine DPX90. In the course of nearly a year in, Limestone Crushing Machine For CFB Power Plant running in good condition, intact achieve the desired requirements, with the following “three lows” significant features: 1, low ultrafine powder, will result in waste and secondary ultrafine powder contamination control within 10%; 2, low investment, saving more than 30% of conventional investment; 3, low power consumption, saving more than 40% of conventional equipment.

SBM Limestone Crushing Machine For CFB Power Plant

It is reported that, SBM Limestone Crushing Machine For CFB Power Plant and DPX efficient crushing machine is mainly used in the CFB Power Plant in pre-crushing, low investment, raise productivity saving 10-20%, Limestone Crushing Machine For CFB Power Plant is the milling of limestone powder equipment, the use of pre-pre-grinding mill, 20-30% higher than generally do not use pre-mill production. The SBM Limestone Crushing Machine For CFB Power Plant is a comprehensive and efficient domestic and foreign similar pre-mill technology, the main technical parameters to optimize the design developed from the new crushing, coarse grinding product of the equipment, mainly used in loose iron ore, limestone , sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, coal gangue, lump ore crushing medium hard, especially suitable for the preparation of thermal power plant desulfurization limestone powder, now that the device has become CFB Power Plant in the necessary equipment.

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