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M Sand Manufacturing Machine

M Sand Manufacturing Machine

M Sand Profile

Due to the lack of natural Sand resources M Sand as a kind of ideal and actual replacement material, is being more and more widely used in various kinds of engineering construction. M Sand is to point to by the mechanical crushing, screening scale Dang, particle size of rock particles less than 4.75 mm, but not including soft rock, weathering rock particles. M basic for the coarse Sand, Sand the fineness modulus between 2.6 3.6, grain size distribution is stable, can adjust and contains a certain amount of powder, in addition to the more than 150 um sieve has increased, more than the rest of the screen are formed a triangle or square torque bodies, surface rough, sharp edges and corners. But due to different local M Sand production of mines, equipment and technology of the production and processing M Sand is different, produce the M size and the shape of Sand and grading may have the very big difference, for example, some M Sand sheet-shape grains is more, some M Sand grain size distribution of two big middle small, but as long as can meet the national standard on all the technical indicators, M Sand can be used in concrete and mortar. Can not meet the national standard M Sand technical requirements and can not make use of, because M type of Sand grains and grading can be adjusted and improved, at this point, M Sand natural Sand the distinction that having essence. Sand mixed with M, the mixed Sand ratio and reduce its the characteristic.

M Sand Manufacturing Machine

M Sand Manufacturing Machine is also called impact crusher, in road building Sand, Sand optimal as appropriate. M Sand Manufacturing Machine is suitable for the soft or hard and extremely hard materials crushing, plastic, are widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum every soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanisms, building Sand, stone and a variety of metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, the Sand jof hard, hard and abrasive wear resistance materials is higher than other types of crusher production effect. In the field of engineering, is M Sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate ideal production equipment. In the field of mining, M Sand Manufacturing Machine widely used in grinding the front process, can produce a lot of powder grinding, reduce the high cost of grinding the load. Because of its excellent low abrasion characteristics, M Sand Manufacturing Machine for high abrasion resistance and the second broken disintegration of production. In addition, due to the product of zero pollution, M Sand Manufacturing Machine can well adapted to the glass, quartz Sand and other high purity material production, 10-500 t/h production capacity range, M Sand Manufacturing Machine can satisfy almost any production requirements.

Structure of M Sand Manufacturing Machine

  • Into the hopper. M Sand Manufacturing Machine into the structure of the hopper into a handstand trustum of a pyramid body (or cylinder), inlet set wear ring, from feeding equipment of the incoming hopper into the crusher.
  • Distributor. Distributor is installed in the upper portion of the vortex crushing cavity, M Sand Manufacturing Machine is the role of distributor from hopper, all incoming material to make part of the material through the center into the feed tube directly into the impeller were accelerated to high speed ejection out gradually, so another part of the material from the outer edge of the center into the feed tube, the bypass into the vortex crushing cavity inside the outer edge of the impeller, high speed by mass ejection from the impeller material impact crushing, no increase in power consumption, increase production capacity, improve the efficiency of crushing.
  • Vortex crushing cavity. M Sand Manufacturing Machine vortex structure of the crushing cavity shape for the upper and lower cylinder composed of two pieces of annular space, the impeller in the vortex crushing cavity high-speed rotation, vortex crushing cavity can reside within the material, form the lining material, the material of the broken process occurred in vortex broken cavity, comprises a lining material will be separated vortex crushing chamber wall, crushing effect between the crushing effect is limited to the material, have the effect of wear-resisting since the lining.
  • The impeller. Impeller structure made of special material is made of a hollow cylinder, the upper shaft head installed on the spindle assembly, with taper sleeve and linkage pass button distance, high speed rotation, the impeller is M Sand Manufacturing key components of a Machine
  • The spindle assembly. M Sand Manufacturing Machine spindle assembly installed on the base, to carry through the v belt motor power and support from the impeller rotation. The spindle assembly consists of bearing seat, shaft, bearing, etc.
  • Base. Vortex crushing cavity, spindle assembly, motor, transmission device are installed on the bottom sit, base structure shape, the central space for four prism, the center of the space of four prism, used to install the main shaft assembly, on both sides of the formation of discharging channel. Double motor installed on the base with the longitudinal ends of the base can be installed on the bracket, also can be directly installed on the base.
  • Transmission device. Using single or double motor drive belt transmission mechanism (more than 75 kw, double motor drive), double motor drive on both sides of two electric motors are installed in the spindle assembly, the motor pulley with a belt connected to the spindle pulley, make the force balance on both sides of the spindle, and does not produce additional torque.
  • Stents. According to different crusher workplace – open job or indoor job, can consider to configure stents or is not configured.
  • Lubrication system. Used for super concentrated lubrication grease, M Sand Manufacturing Machine lubrication part of the upper and lower bearing spindle assembly in two places, in order to make oil is convenient, with the outside of tubing to the machine, used for oil pump oil on a regular basis.

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