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Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant

Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant

Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant

The vast majority of China’s manganese ore belongs to the lean ore, ore dressing process must be conducted. But because the majority of the manganese ore fine particle or the microgranular disseminated, and there are a number of high phosphate rock, high iron and total (with) good raw metal, thus bring great difficulty mineral processing. Manganese ore beneficiation Plant presently used for mechanical choose (including washing, screening, gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation), as well as the enrichment of fire, chemical beneficiation Plant, etc.

1. Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant – The washing and screening

Washing is to use the hydraulic flushing or additional mechanical scrubbing ore and argillaceous separation. Of commonly used equipment washing sieve, drum washing machine and slot type washing machine. Often and screening with the ore washing work, such as direct flush on vibrating screen cleaning or washing machine to get ore sieve sieve sieve net (mine). Screening can be used as an independent operation, gives the USES of the different size and grade of product supply.

2. Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant – Re-election

Current re-election only used to choose simple structure, disseminated extent coarser manganese ore, especially suitable for the density larger oxidation manganese ore. Commonly used Plant include heavy media separation, jig dressing and shaking table dressing. China deal with manganese oxide process, usually the ore crushing to 6 ~ 0 mm or 10 ~ 0 mm, then grouped, coarse level of jigging, fine level of shaking table to choose. Equipment for type sawtooth wave jig and 6 – S type table.

3. Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant – Magnetic separation

Manganese content belong to weak magnetic minerals (magnetization coefficient X = 10*10-6-600 * 10-6 cm3 / g), the magnetic field strength Ho = 800 ~ 1600 ka/m (10000 ~ 20000 oe) of strong magnetic field magnetic separator can be recycled, general can improve the grade of manganese 4% ~ 10%. Due to the magnetic separation of the operation is simple, easy to control, strong adaptability, can be used for all kinds of manganese ore Shi Xuan don’t, in recent years has been dominant in the manganese ore beneficiation. All kinds of new type of coarse, medium and fine-grained strong magnetic machine successfully developed in succession. At present, the domestic manganese ore is the most common applications of magnetic separation machine, coarse and fine grained also gradually applied magnetic separation machine, fine grain of magnetic separation machine was still in the stage of experiment.

4. Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant – Weight magnetic separation

At present, the domestic has new and transformed into heavy – magnetic separation plant of fujian liancheng, leading in guangxi, jingxi and ray, manganese ore, etc. Such as liancheng manganese ore – magnetic separation plant, the main processing oxidized manganese ore leaching type, using AM – 30 type jig processing 30 ~ 3 mm wash ore, can obtain more than 40% of manganese content in manganese ore concentrate quality, handles again after removing impurity, can be used as battery manganese powder materials. Jigging washing ore tailings and less than 3 mm diameter after grinding to less than 1 m, with magnetic separation don’t pause, grade of manganese concentrate to increase 24% ~ 25%, 36% ~ 40%.

5. Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant – Strong magnetic flotation

At present the strong magnetic – only zunyi manganese ore flotation process. The mine is a low manganese carbonate manganese ore is given priority to, low phosphorus, high iron manganese. According to the industrial test, the grinding process using rod mill and ball mill stage grinding, equipment scale are the phi 2100 mm x 3000 mm wet grinding machine. Strong magnetic separation the SHP – 2000 type magnetic machine, flotation machine is mainly used of CHF inflatable flotation machine. After many years of production test, the performance good, very suitable for zunyi manganese mineral processing applications. Strong magnetic – flotation process test successfully and has been applied in production, marked the manganese ore deep choice has been a big step forward.

6. Manganese Ore Beneficiation Plant – Plant of enrichment

Manganese ore, the Plant of enrichment is to process high phosphorus and iron difficult to choose a sorting Plant for lean manganese ore, commonly referred to as rich manganese slag process. Its essence is to use the reduction temperature of manganese, phosphorus, iron, in the blast furnace or electric furnace control the temperature for selective separation of manganese, phosphorus, iron, a kind of high temperature separation Plant. Enrichment process Plant is simple, steady production, can effectively separate the ore of iron, phosphorus, and get rich, low iron, low phosphorus rich manganese slag, the manganese slag containing Mn35 % ~ 45%, rich Mn/Fe12 ~ 38, P/Mn < 0.002, is a high-quality manganese alloy materials, is also the general natural rich manganese ore difficult to simultaneously achieve the above three indicators of synthetic diamond. Therefore, enrichment of fire in China in terms of high phosphorus iron low manganese difficult dressing, is one of the promising separation Plant.

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