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Portable Copper Ore Crusher Machine

Portable Copper Ore Crusher Machine

4 methods to improve early failure of Portable Copper Ore Crusher Machine rotor bearings

The Portable Copper Ore Crusher Machine utilizes a high-speed rotating hammer head on the rotor body to crush the material, and the rotor bearing is subjected to a large cyclic impact force during operation. Due to the poor working conditions of the rotor bearing, coupled with improper design, manufacture and use, the bearing life is only a few months, which brings great economic losses to the user. How to take effective measures to prevent early failure of rotor bearings is a problem that many hammer manufacturers and users are very concerned about. Today, Xiaobian compiled four methods to prevent early failure of rotor bearings, and I hope to be useful to everyone:

Choose a reasonable tolerance

At normal temperature, the rotor bearing is an interference fit, but when the working temperature of the bearing reaches 60°C or above, it is converted into a clearance fit, which causes relative movement between the journal and the inner ring. The frictional heat generated by the relative motion exacerbates the bearing. Temperature rise, on the other hand, adhesive wear at the journal causes early failure of the bearing.

In order to ensure that the bearing inner ring and the journal are substantially maintained in an interference fit under high temperature rise conditions without looseness, the tolerance of the journal should be selected considering the amount of thermal expansion of the inner ring. For the outer ring, it is desirable to have a looser fit. On the one hand, when the bearing is overheated, the outer ring has sufficient expansion space, and the outer ring can be improved in stress and the service life of the outer ring is prolonged.

Enhanced sealing lubrication

Timely and correct lubrication can greatly reduce the frictional resistance and restrain the bearing temperature rise. For the high-speed and heavy-duty working characteristics of the rotor bearing, the molybdenum disulfide composite calcium-based grease (ZFG-3E) should be used to lubricate the bearing. In addition, the grease is added once every 8 hours, the oil is changed every 3 months, and the bearings and seals and covers are cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, and the labyrinth seal cover with excessive wear gap on the bearing seat is replaced in time.

Improve bearing stress

The impact load acting on the bearing depends on the amount of impulse acting on the rotor and the bearing compliance of the bearing housing, increasing the bearing compliance of the bearing housing and reducing the impact load acting on the bearing. Therefore, a rubber plate of a suitable thickness can be added between the bearing housing and the support frame to improve the bearing flexibility of the bearing. Due to the addition of the rubber sheet, the flexibility is increased, thereby absorbing a part of the vibration energy, improving the bearing condition of the bearing and achieving the purpose of prolonging the service life.

Balance the rotor during assembly

The moving crusher rotor has high mass and high speed. The casting deviation of the rotor body and the mass deviation caused by the installation of the hammer will cause unbalanced centrifugal force when the rotor rotates. This centrifugal force causes the machine to generate forced vibrations that can cause damage to bearings and other parts. Therefore, the manufacturer must carry out a balance test on the rotor to meet the requirements of the standard. When installing the hammer head, two hammers of equal mass should be assembled in two mutually symmetrical positions, and the gravity of the hammer head should be matched well to balance the gravity of the hammer head, and the gravity of each row in the circumferential direction of the rotor is equal. The axial gravity is evenly arranged to achieve the balance requirement. Special care should also be taken when replacing a new hammer.

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