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Portable Crusher Plant

Portable Crusher Plant

In The Context Of Reform, The Process Of Portable Crusher Plant Power Is Divided Into Three Stages

“China Portable Crusher Plant 2025” is a major national strategy, it is what kind of meaning? What is the relationship between it and the ongoing supply-side reforms? Yesterday morning 2016 China (Zhengzhou) industry transfer series docking activities, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhou Ji to “China Portable Crusher Plant 2025 and supply side of the structural reform report” as the title, a profound analysis to explain, for the guests presented A gluttonous feast.

Economic Development Has Entered A New Normal

Around the supply side of the structural reform and the relationship between the Chinese Portable Crusher Plant 2025, Zhou Ji pointed out that the first, the supply side of the structural reform as the new normal new economic development of the main line. At present, China’s economic development has entered a new normal, the new normal mainly in three aspects, one is the speed of change, the speed of economic growth from high-speed to high-speed; Second, structural changes, China’s industry will be from the low To the middle of the high-end; third is to drive innovation, “so our national economic development into the new normal, which is a big background, to adapt to the new normal, grasp the new normal, leading the new normal, is the current and future period of China’s economic development logic”.

At present, for the supply side of the structural reform have a lot of understanding, Zhou Ji pointed out that to promote the supply side of the structural reform is to adapt to and lead the economic development of the new normal major innovation, one is the development of the real economy, the second is to build a Portable Crusher Plant, Stimulate the vitality of the enterprise, the fourth is to adhere to innovation-driven. Portable Crusher Plant industry is the main body of the national economy, but also the future of China’s supply side of the structural reform of the main battlefield. However, Zhou Ji analysis, although China is already a Portable Crusher Plant industry, but not a Portable Crusher Plant industry power, there are still some outstanding problems and huge problems, one is independent innovation capacity is not strong, the second is the product quality problems, three resources The use of low efficiency, four industrial restructuring is urgent and so on.

Portable Crusher Plant Industry Power Process Is Divided Into Three Stages

For the development goals of the Portable Crusher Plant industry power, Zhou Ji pointed out that, after a comprehensive calculation and consideration, China’s Portable Crusher Plant industry power process can be divided into three stages: the first stage, is the Chinese Portable Crusher Plant 2025 plan, the second stage to 2035 , China to more than Germany and Japan, ranked the forefront of the second square array, to the third stage in 2045 and the United States can go hand in hand, become the first phalanx, become the world’s influential Portable Crusher Plant power. To this end, China has identified the “three-step” to become a strategic plan for the Portable Crusher Plant power, the first step to 2025 China into the ranks of the world Portable Crusher Plant, the second step to 2035 as a whole to reach the world Portable Crusher Plant power level, Three steps to 2045 Chinese Portable Crusher Plant by the large and strong comprehensive strength into the ranks of Portable Crusher Plant power. At present, the Chinese Portable Crusher Plant 2025 is the first step in the three-step strategy.

Finally, Zhou Ji analysis of the Chinese Portable Crusher Plant 2025 in the “thirteen five” period of focus, one is universal access to digital network, the second is to fully realize the traditional advantages of transformation and upgrading. We should vigorously develop new industries on the one hand, on the other hand to highly enhance the strategic emerging industries. For example, the food industry, in Henan is already a pillar industry, high-growth industries, but if we can further strengthen the deep processing of agriculture, vigorously develop the bio-industry, agricultural products can be transformed into strategic emerging industries.

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