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Quarry Crusher China

Quarry Crusher China

Quarry Crusher Repair

As one of the most widely used crushing equipments, the maintenance and overhaul of Quarry Crushers is also a concern of users. Regular maintenance can detect problems in advance, prevent problems before they occur, and help to extend the service life of Quarry Crushers. General inspections are divided into minor repairs, intermediate repairs, and overhauls. The specific time intervals and inspection components are as follows:

Minor Repair

Minor repairs usually take place from half a month to one month. The contents include:

  • 1. Check the wear of spherical bearings, tapered sleeves, eccentric sleeves, base bushings, bottom bearings, bevel gears, dustproof and sealing devices and adjust their cooperation;
  • 2. Partially replace or adjust the base spring;
  • 3. Fasten the bolts of each part;
  • 4. Clean and inspect the oil circuit and cooling and dustproof water system to eliminate oil leakage, add or replace lubricating oil, and repair the oil pump;
  • 5. Check the wear of the umbrella panel and each guard panel;
  • 6, check the transmission bearing clearance and turbulence, replace if necessary;
  • 7, motor bearing cleaning and refueling.

Middle Repair

The middle repair is usually 4 to 6 months, and its main contents include:

  • 1. Replace the liner;
  • 2. Repair or replace the eccentric bushing, taper sleeve and straight sleeve;
  • 3. Repair or replace the bowl-shaped tile and dust-proof device;
  • 4. Repair or replace the bevel gear, drive shaft and bearing bush;
  • 5. Repair the adjustment ring and the support sleeve thread;
  • 6. Carry out all inspections and treatments for minor repair projects;
  • 7. Decompose the motor, blow dust and descaling and check the bearing bushing of each part; decompose the oil switch, clean and deal with the defects; electrical adjustment and test of each part; check and repair the switchboard and other cable lines.


Overhaul depends on the situation. Generally, it is repaired once every 3-4 years. According to the production situation, the main contents include:

  • 1. The Quarry Crusher is completely disassembled, adjusting the gear meshing clearance, checking or replacing the upper, middle and lower circular plates;
  • 2. Replace activities and fixed linings;
  • 3. Replace the tapered sleeve, the base bushing, the large and small bevel gears, the drive shaft, etc.
  • 4. Scrape the spherical bearing or replace and weld the spherical bearing seat;
  • 5, welding compensation to the feeding funnel, protective cover, body shield, etc.;
  • 6. Replace some or all of the base springs and spring bolts;
  • 7. Replace the oil pump.

The frequency of minor repairs is relatively high, and the user can extend the production to 1-2 months according to the specific conditions. Timely maintenance is conducive to “clearing” hidden problems in equipment and laying the foundation for efficient production.

How To Replace The Main Components Of The Quarry Crusher

1. Replacement Of Broken Wall

The broken wall of the Quarry Crusher is fixed on the body of the cone with a conical head, and a zinc alloy is cast between the two. After 6-8 hours of work on the newly installed or newly replaced Quarry Crusher, check the tightening and find that the looseness should be tightened immediately.

2, The Replacement Of The Rolling Wall

The rolling wall of the Quarry Crusher is fixed on the adjusting ring with a U-shaped screw, and a zinc alloy is injected between the two to make it tightly coupled. Newly installed or replaced rolled wall, after 6-8 hours of operation, should be checked for tightening and tighten the U-screw again.

3, The Replacement Of The Moving Cone Liner

  • 1. Lift the eccentric sleeve and grind the straight bushing of the Quarry Crusher and the worn part of the tapered bushing to ensure the smoothness of the friction surface;
  • 2. In the past, the circumferential fixing of the straight bushing was fixed by hot-zinc alloy, but the fixing method was not reliable. The Quarry Crusher often issued the rotation of the bushing and lifted up during the operation. This can cause the bushing to break due to stress conditions. In this case, the hot-zinc-zinc alloy is fixed as a fastening screw, and a 4-threaded hole is evenly distributed at the joint of the bushing and the frame, and then four countersunk screws are screwed in, so that the bushing can be prevented from rotating and crawling.
  • 3. When installing the bowl-shaped bearing frame, pay attention to the tight cooperation with the frame, and no swinging phenomenon should occur;
  • 4. The rotation speed of the moving cone is strictly controlled at 8~14 r/min. If the moving speed of the moving cone is too low or too high, the productivity of the Quarry Crusher will be affected. In addition, if the rotating speed is too high, the friction of a certain moving pair is relatively large, which will have a great influence on the oil temperature;
  • 5. Perform scraping on the replaced bowl-shaped tile supporting spherical surface to ensure that the contact length between the broken cone spherical surface and the bowl-shaped tile in the outer circle is between 84 and 140 mm, and no less than one contact per 2 to 5 mm 2 area. Point and maintain a wedge gap of 0.5 to 1 mm along the inner circumference to ensure that the broken cone spherical surface does not contact the inner circle of the bowl-shaped tile.

4, The Installation Of Bowl Bearings

When installing the bowl-shaped bearing, be careful not to damage the oil retaining ring (it can be supported between the wire ropes by hardwood or the like. When assembling, the supporting spherical surface should be scraped to ensure that the broken cone and the bowl-shaped mutual spherical surface are in contact with the inner ring in the outer circle. The annular gap of 0.35-0.5mm should be ensured. The bowl-shaped bearing bush should be fixed on the bowl-shaped bearing frame with the locking bolt of the surrounding bain alloy to prevent the bowl-shaped bearing bush from rotating along the circumference. The bowl-shaped bearing frame and the frame body Use the key (pin, fixed, if the gap between the bowl-shaped bearing frame and the frame is found to be processed immediately).

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