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Rock Crushing Contractors South Africa

Rock Crushing Contractors South Africa

How To Reduce The Amount Of Dust In The South Africa Rock Crushing Machine

During the operation of the South Africa Rock Crushing Machine, dust is inevitably generated at the inlet, outlet and crushing chambers. Especially when crushing materials such as limestone, a large amount of dust is generated, which not only pollutes the environment but also damages workers. Healthy body. Nowadays, the environmental protection supervision storm has been wave after wave. How to reduce the dust pollution of the South Africa Rock Crushing Machine and make it more environmentally friendly is a problem that many people are very concerned about. In response to this question, this article describes some effective measures and hopes to help you.

1, Spray Water To Eliminate Dust

A water spray device is arranged at three main parts of the dust inlet, the discharge port and the crushing chamber, and two water spouts are provided at each place. Wherein, the two nozzles at the inlet are directed to the inlet; the two nozzles at the outlet are opposite to each other, so that the sprayed mist is in a crossed state to achieve the best spray effect; the nozzle at the crushing chamber is set at the opening Behind, at an angle to the horizontal.

2, Vacuum And Dust

A vacuum cleaner is installed at the inspection port after the discharge port and the crushing chamber are moved, and the dust diffusion is controlled by the dust suction means. Wherein: the dust collecting cover of the vacuum cleaner of the discharge port is about 1000 mm away from the discharging port, and the plane of the dust collecting cover is perpendicular to the flow direction of the dust; after connecting the vacuum cleaner, the connecting air pipe between the dust collecting cover and the fan is designed as a flexible pipe. To facilitate the refueling and daily maintenance of the South Africa Rock Crushing Machine.

3, Often Clean The Pre-Screened Vibrating Screen

Before entering the South Africa Rock Crushing Machine, the material should be pre-screened through a vibrating screen to screen small particles and dust materials. Therefore, the vibrating screen should be cleaned frequently to prevent blockage and ensure the screening effect, and avoid a large amount of dust materials entering the crushing system. And cause dust to fly.

4, Reasonable Choice Of Tooth Plate

When selecting the tooth plate, it is necessary to select a tooth plate with a relatively large number of teeth and a small tooth shape, which is advantageous for improving the crushing efficiency and reducing the dust generation.

5, The Tooth Plate Must Be Firm And Reliable

The South Africa Rock Crushing Machine generates frequent impact loads during the operation. The ore and the tooth plate frequently collide and squeeze. It is easy to loosen or fall off the fixed tooth plate and the movable tooth plate, especially the fixed tooth plate. Once the tooth plate is loose or detached, the crushing efficiency of the South Africa Rock Crushing Machine will be seriously reduced, causing the ore to stay in the crushing chamber for a long time, resulting in repeated rubbing of the ore and the tooth plate to generate a large amount of dust. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the tooth plate reliably, thereby reducing dust generation from the source.

6, Timely Replacement Of The Blunt Tooth Plate

When the tooth plate is blunt, the contact area with the ore is increased, a large compacted core is formed, and the crushing power is consumed in a large amount, and a large amount of dust is also generated.

7. Appropriately Improve The Traction Speed Of The Discharged Products

Adjusting the subsequent conveying speed of the discharging product not only can achieve the best working condition of the South Africa Rock Crushing Machine, but also can achieve the effect of controlling dust. Practice has proved that under the tolerance range and production capacity of the subsequent processes, the traction speed is appropriately increased, and the secondary dust raising is less.

8. Humidification Of Materials

In order to keep the whole set of dust-proof measures in a relatively stable state to better control the overall dust concentration, in the actual production process, the raw ore before entering the South Africa Rock Crushing Machine can be humidified, which can effectively reduce the ore in the crushing process. The dust rate produced.

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