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Sand Washing Machine For Sale In Sri Lanka

Sand Washing Machine For Sale In Sri Lanka

Abstract: In this article, we took the Sand Washing Machine For Sale In Sri Lanka as an example. With reference to the problems encountered in actual production of this type of sand washing machine, we introduced some common sand washing machine failures and solutions, wish it helpful for you.

The sand washing machine is a washing machine for machine-made sand and natural sand. There are two kinds of screw-type sand washers and wheel-type sand washers. It can remove impurities on the surface of sand and sand, and destroy the vapor layer covering the sand. The role of efficient cleaning. In production, sand washers inevitably encounter a variety of problems.

1, The Machine Can Not Start

sand wanshing machine inside

  • Failure reasons: 1, lack of voltage; 2, belt slip; 3, reducer failure; 4, motor damage.
  • Solution: 1. Change the voltage supply; 2. Tighten the belt; 3. Repair the reducer. 4. Replace the motor.

2, The Machine Is Noisy

  • Failure reasons: 1, the bearing is damaged; 2, the reducer failure; 3, rubbing the shell collision body.
  • Solution: 1, replace the bearings; 2, repair reducer; 3, overhaul and adjust the hopper body.

3, The Bearing Temperature Is Too High

sand wanshing machine working

  • Failure reasons: 1, grease dirty; 2, improper use of grease; 3, bearing damage (usually the first two reasons.
  • Solution: 1, replace the grease; 2, the amount of grease must be moderate, not too much or too little; 3, replace the bearing.

4. Turnover Phenomenon During Sand Washing

  • Failure reasons: 1, spiral sand washing machine speed is too high; 2, the horizontal axis of the spiral disk is not fixed.
  • Solution: 1, adjust the speed; 2, if the speed is adjusted in place, there are still turning flowers, you must fix the horizontal axis.

5, Rack Vibration

  • Fault causes: 1. Loose connection bolts 2. Looseness of bearing seat bolts.
  • Solution: 1, fastening bolts; 2, check and tighten the bolts.

6, The Transmission Part Of The Noise

  • Cause of failure: 1. Insufficient gear lubrication; 2. Change in gear spacing.
  • Solution: 1, add enough grease; 2, adjust the reducer anchor bolts and tighten.

7, Discharge Mouth Jam

sand wanshing machine processing

  • Cause of failure: This is the most likely problem in the operation of the sand washing machine. Most of the reasons are due to the too small granularity of the sand in the slurry of the sand washing machine, and the sudden increase in the amount of single feed, resulting in discharge of the material. Mouth deposition material.
  • Solution: First, stop feeding, open all discharge openings, avoid siltation, and clean the sand washer before running.

8, Gears Are Easily Damaged

  • Reasons for the failure: 1. No timely maintenance; 2. The sand washer shaft and the low speed shaft of the reducer have not reached the specified parallelism.
  • Solution: 1, according to the scheduled time to refuel; 2, adjust it to meet the requirements.

9, Rotor Core Damage, Deformation

sand washing machine principle

  • Cause of failure: 1, excessive wear of the bearing or poor assembly, causing the rotor to wipe, so that the core surface damage, resulting in short-circuit between the silicon steel sheet; 2, when the old winding is removed when the force is too large, so that the alveolar skew and outward open; 3, due to moisture and other reasons caused by the core surface rust; 4, loose combination of iron core and the base.
  • Solution: 1. Remove burrs with fine burrs, etc., eliminate shorting of silicon steel sheet, clean and apply insulation paint, and heat and dry; 2. Use needle-nose pliers, wooden hoe and other tools to trim, and reset the tooth gap. , And in the gap is not a good reset between the silicon steel sheet green shell paper, glue board and other hard insulation material; 3, sandpaper polished clean, coated with insulating paint; 4, tighten the original set screw, if the set screw Failure, can be drilled on the base position, tighten the set screw.

10, Reduce The Amount Of Sand Washing Or Leaking Sand

  • Cause of failure: 1. The sand net is damaged; 2. The sand net fixing bolt falls off.
  • Solution: 1. Inspect and repair or replace the sand net; 2. Fasten the bolts.

11, The Bearing Is Easily Damaged

sand washing machine structure

  • Failure reasons: 1, broken oil or seal ring damage; 2, long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Solution: 1, according to the provisions of oil or replace the seal ring; 2, regular cleaning.

12, Bearing Parts Have Noise

  • Failure reasons: 1, rolling bearing lack of oil will have a “bone” sound; 2 when the bearing steel ring breaks will hear a discontinuous “stem” sound, or bearing parts wear; 3, bearing mixed Sand and other debris.
  • Solution: 1. Add lubricating oil; 2. When the bearing is cracked, the inner and outer rings are broken, or the bearing is excessively worn, replace the new bearing and select the same bearing as the original model. 3, timely cleaning.


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