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Working Principle of Ball Mill Materials in ball mill in the shattered is due to the grinding medium as a result, the role of its impact and grinding the grinding process is very complex. In a separate particles as the res…

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Working Principle of Ball Mill

Materials in ball mill in the shattered is due to the grinding medium as a result, the role of its impact and grinding the grinding process is very complex. In a separate particles as the research object, the ball mill in the process of grinding repeatedly by grinding the role of compressive stress, which exists in the particles on the surface of the inherent or the crack expansion of new generation, which lead to its broken or produce plastic deformation. When the particles are constantly ball mill grinding. When produce a certain level of new particles are difficult to further fine grinding, this is because the new particles on the surface of the crack is fine, and appear a certain minimum fracture stress crack also reduced the risk of reasons. As the broken process continues, the final particle crushing stress may increase to produce the degree of plastic deformation. At this point, as the production of plastic deformation, the most is ground fine particles won’t. Therefore, grinding material will have a size limit. For quartz raw materials, can be ball mill grinding granular limit to 1 micron or so, as another example, the extreme value of limestone for 3 ~ 5 microns. In other words, when the material grinding into the scope of super fine crushing, ball mill grinding effect is more and more difficult. In most of the grinding system is a practical grinding limit and the limit of the product mainly depends on the grinding particles tend to produce to accumulate, and set up by the physical balance between accumulation and broken. Therefore, long extension of the material in the ball mill of milling time is pointless, will only lead to the increase of energy consumption, as superfine particles cannot be effectively stored elastic energy needed for crack expansion.

How to Improve The Ball Mill Efficiency

Increasing the Ball Mill Effective Volume

Improve the ball mill can increase compared to the effective volume of ball mill, the productivity of lining thickness, weight, increased power consumption, and reduced the cylinder volume, reduces the production efficiency of ball mill. If choose magnetic lining, can increase the effective volume of the cylinder, the weight is less at the same time, reduced power consumption. However choose thinner magnetic lining board have some disadvantages, because the thickness is small, the fight against playing ability is not as active Cr Mn Mo alloy cast steel liner, prone to fracture.

Increase The Rate Of Filling And Turn Rate

The processing capacity of ball mill increase with the increase of steel ball of the filling rate, improve the filling rate increased the risk of steel ball grinding crushed ore and ore grinding effect. Steel ball filling rate at 45% when the ball mill load is the largest, more than 45% with the increase of the filling rate of the load declined dramatically. This is mainly because with the increase of filling rate, cast steel ball up point is raised, steel ball falling rushed up together point to be near rotary centers and more than faster, shorten its torque and into O to negative, the steel ball (including mine) hit the impact of the fall and the required load torque changed from big to 0, until to push cylinder rotation dynamics (namely force point more than center, negative torque).

Change The Shape Of Grinding Medium

Can choose the oval ball medium instead of current ball medium, the oval ball weight increased by 62%, compared with ball impact strength, improve the ability of crushing, and four times larger than the ball contact area and the selective crushing of material and good sieving effect, uniform end product size, reduced the crushing phenomenon. Ellipsoid compared with sphere, can make the crushing and grinding capacity of mill is greatly improved, at the same time also have corresponding to equipment wear and tear down.

Ball Mill Manufacturer

The actual ball mill working principle is much more complicated than the above discussion, the expansion of the particles on the surface crack and the new crack will appear for each particle crack interaction, in the second level of crushing, the interaction between particles, particles and the ball mill to the wall, the effect of the secondary effect between particles, particles and ball mill grinding body smell, the effect of particle physics and chemistry and the action of grinding environment on the particles and aggravate, will prompt particle breakage. If you want to know the specific, just contact us! Our expert will provide you a detailed explanation.

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