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Gypsum Powder Plant Gypsum Powder Plant natural gypsum is calcined by heating after a predetermined temperature, so that decomposition of dehydrated gypsum, hemihydrate gypsum to obtain (CaSO4 • 1/2H2O) of product as a main component, nam…

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Gypsum Powder Plant Detail

Gypsum Powder Plant

Gypsum Powder Plant natural gypsum is calcined by heating after a predetermined temperature, so that decomposition of dehydrated gypsum, hemihydrate gypsum to obtain (CaSO4 • 1/2H2O) of product as a main component, namely building plaster (plaster through the ). Depending on the use of dehydration decomposition temperature and pressure conditions, the obtained product can be divided into β-type building plaster. The basic building plaster mechanized production process: milling system, automatic metering system, calcining systems, heating systems and packaging systems, such as aging systems, the following brief description of each system.

1. Mining

Gypsum mining, drilling rig equipped with a large, shovel equipment and transport vehicles, the use of stage sets, etc. in deep blasting. Gypsum Powder Plant to achieve zero discharge of waste production, environmental protection, and full use of gypsum resources.

2. Raw material crushing

Gypsum materials via automatic feeder into the crusher, crusher large sized gypsum ore broken into small particles less than 25mm, and set aside. The production process is simple, reliable, advanced, energy-saving. Can be equipped with dust removal equipment, protecting the environment clean and meet environmental emission requirements.

3. Homogenization of raw materials and reserves

Can be elongated or round homogenization field, homogenizing effect is good.

4. Material handling

Gypsum raw materials delivered to students through the silo elevator spare. Gypsum Powder production process in accordance with the requirements, the use of advanced metering system for accurate measurement, the raw material into the mill. Storage silos for material storage roots play time requirement design specifications, to ensure a stable supply of materials.

5. Grinding System

After entering the measured raw gypsum mill for finishing. Set under the Health electromagnetic vibrating feeder hopper, this equipment and mill chain, according to the mill operation immediately adjust the supply of materials. Belt materials are continuously fed into a uniform mill for grinding. Gypsum Gypsum Powder mill after mill blower by a bulging Merry blow, after analysis machine at the top of the classification. Fineness meet the specifications of Gypsum Powder, with airflow into the big cyclone collector, collected by the powder discharge pipe is finished. Finished fall into the screw conveyor, conveyor to the metering system. Merry large cyclone collector by the return air duct into the blower. The air passage is closed loop system, and is under negative pressure flow. Since the air volume is contained in the raw material grinding water, and evaporated to a gas during the grinding process, resulting in an increase in the circulating air flow duct, such increase from the large cyclone collector pipe between the blower and the introduction of the pulse bag dust, the dust out of the air, and then discharged to the environment. After Gypsum Powder grinding system by particle size 0 ~ 30mm, changed from 80 to 120 mesh, in line Gypsum Powder fineness requirements.

The main equipment for the elevator, storage hopper, vibrating feeder, storage silos, conveyor, tilting mill, screw conveyor, pulse jet bag filter.

6. Automatic Measurement System

Major equipment for elevators, silos stable under rigid impeller feeder, belt scale.

By the grinding system of Gypsum Powder is conveyed by silos Lifting the steady, steady silo material to maintain a certain material level, to ensure the stability of the electronic belt feed. Electronic belt control system can set the amount of material required, the amount of electronic belt sensors Gypsum Powder, the set amount and the actual amount of contrast adjustment under rigid impeller feeder speed, so that at any time under the feeding amount to maintain the required amount in on.

7. Calcining system

Including hoist, boiling furnace, electrostatic precipitator, Roots blower and other equipment.

Transported over from automatic metering system Gypsum Powder, by upgrading to a boiling furnace conveyor calcined, calcined cooked meal after a good delivery from the feed opening to the aging system. Gypsum Powder is an application of fluid boiling furnace technology calcined gypsum efficient equipment. Heating medium is HTF.

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