Sand And Stone Grinding Machines2019-11-16


Sand And Stone Grinding Machines Failure Reason 1. The processing precision of the end cap flange and the cylinder flange is not high, and the flange joint will leak after the assembly operation after the high point is repaired; 2. Dur…

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Sand And Stone Grinding Machines Failure Reason

Sand And Stone Grinding Machines Failure Solution

Note: When the Sand And Stone Grinding Machines is assembled at the site of the plant, the end caps and the flange bolts of the cylinders should be evenly tightened according to the “Technical Specifications for Electric Power Construction” to ensure that the joints of the end caps and the flanges of the cylinders are tightly combined.

For Sand And Stone Grinding Machiness with rubber linings, the linings need to be installed on site, so before installation, the end caps and cylinders must be bolted for inspection as required.

The above are several kinds of slurry leakage conditions common in Sand And Stone Grinding Machiness, which are often found in structural design, machining, quality control and installation. We can optimize the above aspects and improve quality control before use. Remember to follow the installation process strictly to prevent leakage problems.

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