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Ball Milling Machine

Ball Milling Machine

Abstract: Ball Mill Working Principle and Ball Mill Parameter have been introduced in the previous article, this article will mainly introduce the reason of Ball Milling Machine tooth Wear and some solurions.

Causes Of Ball Milling Machine Tooth Wear

  • 1. Lack Of Installation Technology

    Some small and medium mines lack of installation techniques, it is difficult to ensure the quality of Ball Milling Machine installation, leading Milling Machine appears to run and load test and failed.

  • 2. Large Dust Working Environment

    Ball Milling Machine work will produce a lot of dust, you need to rely on the protective cover to help Ball Milling Machine isolated dust. But some good quality shields or deformation occurs during transport, resulting in loss of function of the protective cover, it is easy for the slurry into the shield, causing the lubricating oil is not pure.

  • 3. Add Chose Not Suitable Lubricants

    Some mines for effort, no matter what the machine does not add the same season of machine oil. Lubricant selection is not appropriate, it can not form a good film, it will exacerbate Ball Milling Machine tooth wear.

  • 4. Overload, Illegal Operation

    Sometimes, in order to increase production, some users will Ball Milling Machine overload, it is easy to cause wear of tooth surfaces, causing the carrying capacity and life of gear drops.

How To Improve The Life Of Ball Milling Machine Gear?

  • 1. Abrasion Resistance, The Use Of Hardened Gears, Improved Gear

    When paired with the two larger gear tooth surface hardness difference, hard tooth pinion gear will make a relatively soft surface of the tooth from the work hardening effect significantly, large gear contact fatigue stress can be increased by about 20 %. but also improve the wear resistance and extend the life of the pinion. According to Ball Milling Machine technical condition of the gear is still using normalized, quenched and pinion to the surface hardening, such as processing more economical. Pinion extension available high-frequency induction current tooth groove surface hardening, the surface hardened layer of the tooth evenly distributed, easy quality assurance, can improve the wear resistance of the pinion in the production is easy.

  • 2. Mounting Precision, Fully Running

    Experience tells us that affect the accuracy of Ball Milling Machine installed on the gear carrying capacity and life can not be overlooked. So, whether it is a new Ball Milling Machine Installation or repair replacement and installation of the pinion, should be strictly and carefully, especially the elevation pinion shaft parallel, horizontal degrees and with the centerline of Ball Milling Machine, gear tooth indicators backlash, tip clearance and meshing contact area shall meet the design requirements and installation specifications. Ball Milling Machine After installation, be sure to fully run together. By running- tooth contact area can be increased, reducing the tooth surface roughness, work hardening tooth surface, thereby increasing the carrying capacity of the gear to extend gear life. Running-in should be progressively phased load size after running- gear contact surfaces should be uniformly distributed in the tooth width full length of the pitch circle line, contact width of the total tooth height of 35% to 40, the contact length of the tooth width 70 to 80 percent.

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