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Coal Grinding Mill For Cement Plant

Coal Grinding Mill For Cement Plant

Coal Grinding Mill configuration

During the operation of the mineralizer, the amount of material added, the amount of ball loaded, and the amount of water directly affect the output and efficiency of the Coal Grinding Mill. The specific analysis is as follows:

The amount of material added to the Coal Grinding Mill and the number of steel balls have a great impact on its working efficiency. The steel ball is the grinding body of the Coal Grinding Mill. The amount of the steel ball of the Coal Grinding Mill is too small, and the impact and grinding effect on the material is small, which does not meet the grinding requirements; the amount is too much, the amount of material is reduced, and the grinding body interacts. Increased, easy to appear “too powder” phenomenon. When the number of steel balls is constant, the amount of material needs to be grasped. If the feed amount is too small, the output will be reduced accordingly, and the production volume will not go up; if the feed amount is too much, the remaining space in the cylinder is small, the impact of the grinding body is reduced, and the equipment is prone to small faults.

Secondly, the ratio of materials to water should be appropriate, and the standard should be determined by the moisture content and fluidity of the mud. The amount of water entering is too small, the dispersibility of the material is poor, the resistance to the movement of the abrasive body is increased, and the grinding effect is not achieved. Conversely, when the moisture is too much, the slurry is too thin, which indirectly increases the direct impact between the abrasive bodies, thus losing energy and increasing the mutual wear of the abrasive bodies.

Once again, the newly installed machine must have a running-in period. Therefore, when the steel ball is added, the number should be 80% of the large load of the Coal Grinding Mill. The proportion of the steel ball added can be the size of the steel ball (ф120mm, ф100mm). , ф80mm, ф60mm, ф40mm) size added. Different types of Coal Grinding Mill steel balls are added in different amounts.

Therefore, the material, ball loading and moisture of the Coal Grinding Mill are not well controlled. At this time, we can adjust the formula and use appropriate grinding aids to improve the working efficiency of the Coal Grinding Mill.

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