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Coal Grinding Mill

Coal Grinding Mill

Coal Grinding Mill Working Principle

Coal Grinding Mill is an important coal powder furnace auxiliary equipment. Coal grinding process is the surface area of ​​the coal is crushed and its growing process. To add a new surface, molecules must overcome the adhesion between the solid, which consumes energy. Coal in Coal Grinding Mill are ground into coal powder, mainly through crushing, crushing and pulverization in three ways. Crushing process in which the energy consumed by most provinces. Pulverization process the most expensive energy. Coal Grinding Mill various milling process are both in the above two or three methods, but mainly depends on what type of Coal Grinding Mill may be. Coal Grinding Mill ‘s style a lot, according to speed coal mill working parts can be divided into three types, namely low Coal Grinding Mill, Coal Grinding Mill medium-speed and high-speed Coal Grinding Mill.


Coal Grinding Mill Category

Low Coal Grinding Mill

Drum major for the ball Coal Grinding Mill, generally referred to as ball mill or ball mill. It is a rotatable cylindrical or tapered ends of the drum, the drum has a built-in ball. Drum speed of 15-25 rev/min. Work constantly hit the ball barrel and squeeze coal, coal mill will be made ​​coal powder. Then pass into the hot air from the inside of the drum and the coal drying coal powder sent, after the separation of the separator, a certain size of coal powder is fed into the coal powder warehouse or directly into the coal powder burner. Ball Mill huge bulky, high power consumption, noise, large; But wide range of coals to adapt, reliable operation, especially suitable for grinding hard anthracite.

Medium-speed Coal Grinding Mill

Medium-speed Coal Grinding Mill speed is 50-300 rev/min, has more categories. Common are flat plate mill, grinding bowl, E -type mill and roller mill. Their common feature is the grinding part by the relative motion of two milling body composition. In between these two grinding coal surface by extrusion, milling was crushed. Meanwhile, through the hot air into the Coal Grinding Mill dry coal, coal powder and the grinding zone to the upper portion of the separator. After separation, a certain size of coal powder mill out with the air outside, coal powder coarse grinding zone in return regrinding. Medium-speed Coal Grinding Mill with compact equipment, small footprint, power consumption province ( Ball Coal Grinding Mill is about 50 to 75% ), low noise, relatively light sensitive operational control and other significant advantages; but the structure and manufacture more complex, greater maintenance costs, and inappropriate grinding hard coal. In the large-capacity coal-fired boiler bowl medium speed mill used more.

High-speed Coal Grinding Mill

High-speed Coal Grinding Mill speed ​​is 500-1500 rev/min, and has a high speed rotor mill, which is mainly composed of shell components. Common fan mill and hammer mill and so on. Coal mill fan speed by the speed rotor mill shell shock and collision, and hit each other while coal is ground. This Coal Grinding Mill and coal powder separator to form a whole, the structure is simple, compact, early investment, especially for grinding high moisture lignite and high volatile, bituminous coal grinding easy. Fans mill due to wear large, continuous running time than other Coal Grinding Mill are short, suitable for grinding hard coal.

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