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Pellet Mill for Sale

Pellet Mill for Sale

Pellet Mill for Sale

Pellet mill, also called sand making machine´╝îwhich is widely used in metal and non-metallic ores, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, construction aggregate, artificial pellet and pebble, rock (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings and stone chips of artificial pellet, aggregate, highway road surface fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production as well as a variety of metallurgical slag finely and coarse grinding operation, especially for silicon carbide, silicon carbide and sintering aluminum bauxite, magnesite in hard, hard and abrasive materials such as on the processing of pellet mill is more superiority than other types of crusher. Pellet mill is my company introduces Germany authoritative experts, the latest research results, combined with the different mining conditions improved design, one of the most successful development of the world’s advanced level of high performance pellet production equipment. Just Contact us! We will combine your mining situation for you recommend the most suitable pellet mill.

Influence Factors Of the Pellet Mill Production Capacity

  • 1, material hardness: more hard material is made of pellet up more difficult, but also for pellet mill of the more serious the wear. Low speed, low ability of the system of pellet. So we need to on the choice of materials, pay attention to some.
  • 2, the composition of the material: material into the pellet mill containing fine powder before the more the influence system pellet, because these fine powder is easy to adhere to affect delivery. So for fine powder content more material should be in advance through a sieve. Will be fine powder from material selection, as far as possible so as not to affect the pellet mill’s normal work.
  • 3, After broken material fineness: pellet mill fineness of material demand is high, which requires the pellet out of the material is fine, the smaller is the system capacity. This aspect to the specific requirements, such as no special requirements, general of the fineness of the material can be set in the system for fine.
  • 4, the viscosity of the material: the greater the viscosity of the material, the more easy to adhere to. The viscosity of the material in the pellet mill will adhere to in the inner wall of the cavity of the pellet, such as not clean up in time, will affect the pellet mill efficiency, serious when may also affect the pellet mill’s normal work. Therefore, when selecting a material, it is important to note that the viscosity of the material not too big.
  • 5, the humidity of material that the moisture content of large material, the material in the pellet mill within easy adhesion, also easy to cause blockage in the process of the material transporting, cause the system capacity. To solve this problem, first, at the time of material choice to strictly control the humidity of materials, if the choice of material of humidity, can use the sunshine or dry and other means to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.

Pellet Mill Operation

  • 1, check regularly. Pellet Mill in use after a period of time needs regular outage opened the door of observation to observe internal wear, mainly is the Pellet Mill center into the feed tube, cone hat, impeller upper and lower flow channel lining board, circular plate, wear-resisting degree of wear and tear, found after wear should be timely replacement or repair, ensure the wear-resisting pieces of the same weight. It is strictly prohibited in the Pellet Mill work in the process of open observe observe work case inside the door, lest produce risk.
  • 2, lubrication maintenance. Each work 400 hours, should be for Pellet Mill to add the right amount of grease, if the Pellet Mill has worked to 2000 hours, this time is about to open the spindle assembly was carried out on the bearing cleaning, if your Pellet Mill have been working for 7200 hours, it’s a pity that you replace new bearing must be replaced, otherwise it will affect the whole Pellet Mill operation.
  • 3, drive triangle belt tensioning force should be adjusted properly, the Pellet Mill should be equipped with appropriate strength of triangle glue, to ensure that the triangle tape should be grouped selection, adjust to each group of the same length. Don’t worry, this part of our experts for when you install the machine will help you adjust good.
  • 4, pay attention to safety. This is the most important. Pellet Mill of high speed equipment, at the time of operation should be particularly pay attention to safety. The staff should be far away from the equipment, if need the Pellet Mill for repair, must cut off the power before operation.

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