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Sand And Stone Grinding Machines

Sand And Stone Grinding Machines

Sand And Stone Grinding Machines Failure Reason

  • 1. The processing precision of the end cap flange and the cylinder flange is not high, and the flange joint will leak after the assembly operation after the high point is repaired;
  • 2. During the on-site installation process, the bolts installed in the factory are not re-tightened and tested, and the slurry enters the joint surface after charging, resulting in the occurrence of slurry leakage;
  • 3. The rubber lining of the Sand And Stone Grinding Machines is generally installed on site. The end cover and the cylinder are not tightened and tested according to the requirements before installation. When the rubber lining is laid, the lap joint treatment at the joint surface is not good, resulting in leakage.

Sand And Stone Grinding Machines Failure Solution

  • First of all, it can be done by increasing the combination of the end cap and the flange of the cylinder, and the operation method is processing precision.
  • Secondly, when assembling the Sand And Stone Grinding Machines in the factory or on the site, the contact surface between the end cap and the flange should be cleaned to ensure that there are no bumps, scratches, etc. on the flange surface. After the inspection, the method can be used. Apply a layer of yellow dry oil or black lead powder to the surface to increase its smoothness.
  • Finally, during assembly, the bolt tightening during assembly should be strictly controlled and tightened according to the specified bolt torque to ensure that the end cap and the flange flange joint surface are tightly coupled.

Note: When the Sand And Stone Grinding Machines is assembled at the site of the plant, the end caps and the flange bolts of the cylinders should be evenly tightened according to the “Technical Specifications for Electric Power Construction” to ensure that the joints of the end caps and the flanges of the cylinders are tightly combined.

For Sand And Stone Grinding Machiness with rubber linings, the linings need to be installed on site, so before installation, the end caps and cylinders must be bolted for inspection as required.

The above are several kinds of slurry leakage conditions common in Sand And Stone Grinding Machiness, which are often found in structural design, machining, quality control and installation. We can optimize the above aspects and improve quality control before use. Remember to follow the installation process strictly to prevent leakage problems.

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