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Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle

Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle: Vertical Roller Mill use 2 to 4 grinding rollers close to the disc, as the speed of rotation of the material ground. Essentially crushed material layer. Material in the Vertical Roller Mill is mainly by rolling mill rolls and grinding action, and because there is a speed difference between the roller and the disc rotates, it also has the effect of shear grinding. Feeding the material disc center disc centrifugal force due to the rotation effect, to move into the surrounding disc and disc roller between the roller. Roller under the action of the hydraulic unit and a pressure mechanism, applying pressure to the material grinding roller inside. After the material being compacted crushed role continues to Vertical Roller Mill edge mobile disc, the disc from the edge of the ring gauge overflow. While the hot air is discharged from the annular nozzle speed up around the disc, the disc coarse particulate material is blown back again pulverized suspension and drying the material. Powder with hot air into the upper separator separates reach a certain particle diameter of qualified with the powder spill and collect air from the upper part of Vertical Roller Mill, meal and feed materials returned disc grinding together again.

Improve Vertical Roller Mill Efficiency As The Working Principle

(A) Vertical Roller Mill must keep grinding roller and the material layer disc grinding pressure to produce large enough, so that the material being compacted and crushed. That pressure grinding roll pressure, it grindability of materials, water, requiring production, the mill Vertical Roller Mill wind speed and the type and size and other factors. Easy to wear and moisture small materials, as well as lower production requirements, the roll pressure can be smaller. Roll pressure dependence of the pressure of the hydraulic system pressure device (rod) and roller weight applied to produce, and can be adjusted during operation. In addition, the material layer on the disc must have sufficient stability and to maintain a certain height of the material layer.

(B) Vertical Roller Mill grinding efficiency not only with the roll pressure, but also with highly relevant material layer. There are more than enough contact surface contact with the material must be kept between the roller and disc. And materials to maintain a certain height, so that the material to withstand constant pressure rollers. For material to form a stable material layer more difficult, we must take measures to control. For feed materials such as dry powder or more material on the disc can easily flow, material layer is unstable, so some way to take water spray to stabilize the material layer. Also be adapted to automatically adjust the roller pressure changes in the material layer instability.

(C) Vertical Roller Mill is a drying and grinding mill wind swept larger type, the body cavity, allows greater airflow, so that the mill fine particulate material in suspension, and therefore Vertical Roller Mill for when grinding the raw material or coal, the higher its drying efficiency. Vertical Roller Mill and supporting the use of dry-process cement kiln, preheater can take advantage of the hot exhaust gas discharged into the mill through bake in materials. Vertical Roller Mill can be generally up to 15% of water and drying the raw material.

(D) In the Vertical Roller Mill grinding and classifiers as a whole. When the disc material particles left edge, is a high-speed air stream blowing collar rise, fine particulate matter was brought to the separator, the finer particles are selected, coarse particles from the gas stream sedimentation to disc , there are some places coarse particles into the lower speed grade zone may be pulling away from the rotor blades hit and fell to the disc. Forming a loop grinding.

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